disengaged employees

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Not only is employee disengagement a cause of great concern for the organizations but for the employees as well. Higher employee engagement is said to have a positive impact on productivity, team efficiency leading to profitability through higher customer satisfaction. In India, only 20% of employees are truly satisfied with their jobs which highlights the need for engagement. Disengagement can stem from a short-term personal challenge or a valid workplace problem. If your employees are dealing with disengagement at work, here are a few tips you can incorporate in their life to counter it:

  1. Identifying the feeling and diagnosing the cause of disengagement. The reason could range from the nature of the job, work environment to temporary obstacles in personal life. Zeroing down on either of these causes can help in tackling them.
  2. 48% of employees consider the lack of communication between employees and the management as an important factor of job disengagement. Communicate openly with your employees if you think a change in their current role or responsibilities can improve their engagement level.
  3. Leaders talk less and ask more questions. Disengaged employees often have plenty of potential and may have many questions on their mind but don’t feel that their voices are being heard. Encouraging feedback in an open forum can make them feel heard.
  4. It is soul destroying for the manager and employee to employ a scorecard to grade or degrade performance within the workplace. Playing numbers game in review meetings can make you lose out on the opportunity to engage disengaged employees.
  5. Employees who are left to their own devices, lose out on motivation and become disengaged quickly. Reminding them that their work is being evaluated, and their progress is being observedis a brilliant way to re-engage employees.
  6. Disengaged employees could be a repertoire of hidden talents who are capable of transforming the business landscape. The inability to optimize their true potential can be the reason they feel so disconnected. Uncover their true talents and a wealth of opportunities lying dormant amongst the existing staff base by giving them the opportunity to reveal their passions.
  7. The traditional 9-5 working weeks is gradually transforming with workforces swapping traditional hours for flexible working hours and home offices. If the nature of your business concedes, grant people the opportunity to work from home and customise their working hours. The regularity of a working week can severely debilitate the levels of engagement.
  8. Don’t allow boredom of being stuck with the daily routine tasks kill the engagement levels. Create a culture of opportunity where the employees are free to work on extracurricular projects that are entirely of their own making. Allowing job rotation enables them to experiment with other roles and functions.

Apart from the above, providing skills and training at work, ensuring that the organizational goals are aligned with personal goals, encouraging problem solving, allowing them to make mistakes and learn from it, and engaging them in the form of stakeholders can help in tackling employee disengagement. Contact a manpower consultancy if your organization needs assistance in tackling employee disengagement.

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