foot traffic

By Vicky Llerena

If Google is the internet’s equivalent to foot traffic, SEO is the map leading customers to your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it doesn’t have to be very complicated.

Keep these 3 simple tricks in mind to increase your online foot traffic in 2019.

Focus on Search-Friendly Headlines

In blog writing, headlines are super important because they are indexed by Google. When writing headlines, make sure it’s a headline people are already searching for. For example, rather than a headline that reads, “New Year”, try something like “How To Be Productive This New Year”.

Get on Google Reviews

Another way to increase digital foot traffic is by showing off the customers that are already fans. Make sure to get existing customers, friends and family to fill out a Google Reviews. Google’s recent algorithm proves that businesses with high volume of reviews rank better on search engines compared to businesses with few reviews.

Amplify Your Content

Finally, think about different distribution channels and how your prospects might consume information. Repurpose your content so that it appears in different mediums (videos, infographics, newsletters, blogs, social media stories, social posts, blogs, etc) and appears in different platforms (YouTube, Blog website, blog contributor, feature story, social posts, etc). This is different than backlinking because you’re not just sharing links, but the entirety or a portion of the content you created.

Sharing your content on different platforms improves your overall search ranking because it’s another way for Google to index your business’ name, your name, and your website URL. The more content that exists about your business, the more that Google the easier it is for people to find you online.

No one teaches small business owners how to connect with customers online, but knowing these 3 simple SEO tricks can help take your business to the next level this year.

Vicky Llerena is the CEO of Social Vibes Media, a digital marketing agency focused on helping small businesses increase their brand presence and obtain customers through their online presence. She brings with her over ten years of experience having worked at Univision WXTV-41 and PRNewswire. Vicky was named Top 25 Brand Builder by Leading Women Entrepreneur in 2017. Vicky has been featured in NJBiz, Huffington Post, CEO Blog Nation, and many others. Connect with Vicky on LinkedIn.

Foot traffic stock photo by Vectomart/Shutterstock