Creativity is vital to any successful marketing strategy. It is the only way your business will stand out against your competition, and these days, it’s more critical than ever.

Tapping into your creativity in these times of immense uncertainty and stress may seem impossible, but with the following tips, it’s actually much easier than you think.

Break up your creative meetings

Still struggling with getting accustomed to virtual group meetings? It can be really difficult to share your creative input when you keep accidentally muting yourself and your colleagues keep talking over you.

Try separating your creative team into two different groups that have their own meetings. This will help save time, decrease frustration, and let each group share their main conclusions when you meet as a whole. Separate meetings will also allow for a better creative flow that will help your business stick out among your competitors.

Switch up your surroundings

If you are still stuck working from home, lack of concentration can really mess with your creativity. Consider changing up your surroundings. You’d be surprised at the difference a simple change of scenery can do for your creative flow.

If changing rooms isn’t possible, wearing a new outfit or sitting on the opposite side of your home office can also help. The devil is truly in the detail, and every little adjustment can have a major impact on your mindset.

Learn how to group brainstorm from home

When you think about creativity, the first image that pops into your mind is probably your marketing team sitting in the conference room, mapping out ideas on the board. Since COVID, these meetings have changed for all of us, but that doesn’t mean they need to be less effective.

By now, you’ve likely tried Zoom or other means of group video chatting. But are you using these tools efficiently? New technology can be confusing, but these 16 tips and tricks will help you learn to navigate Zoom better. If you’re having trouble understanding the proper etiquette for video meetings, click here for more tips and best practices.

Seek out new inspiration

Inspiration arises from random sights, experiences, and conversations that occur in your daily life. In quarantine, however these things are hard to come by. Finding new inspiration while confined to your home might seem hopeless, but it’s actually fairly simple.

The Internet is stocked full of all the inspiration and information you could ever possibly need. Content curating sites like and Flipboard are perfect for generating ideas and feeding you helpful articles about your topic or idea. Facebook groups and online classes are some other great ways to inflate your knowledge and creativity, keep your brain moving, and meet new people along the way (without breaking social distancing!)

Take frequent breaks

None of us have experienced a pandemic of this magnitude before, and it’s perfectly normal to be shaken up and distracted. If you find yourself needing to take more breaks, listen to what your body and mind are telling you. Overworking yourself will only hinder your creativity and may cause your business to suffer as a result.

Start by setting a schedule for yourself. Take a quick break every 20-30 minutes to let your brain recharge. This will give you the energy needed to fuel your creativity all day long without feeling drained. Many apps and browser extensions are available to serve as a helpful reminder to take breaks as well.

Adjusting to this new life has been hard on everyone, especially business owners. With the economy in such a rut, you need to protect your creativity as much as you do your health. By following these tips to boost your creativity, you can give your business the shine it needs to stick out.

Faith Munsell is a digital marketing specialist at Bizzuka, Inc., one of the leading website development companies in the state of Louisiana.

Business meeting stock photo by Kate Kultsevych/Shutterstock