The coronavirus outbreak has been particularly cruel on small and midsized businesses, leading them to make drastic changes in their business plans and operations. With so many stores being forced to close doors to the public, businesses are trying to transition to online stores so they can generate some revenue. Then, Facebook came to the rescue with the launch of Facebook shops to enable and empower small business owners by offering a solution that can help deliver a seamless and compelling online shopping experience for customers.

1.    Promote Your Facebook Shop on Different Social Channels

The concept behind Facebook Shops is that it allows shoppers that already use Facebook and Instagram for window shopping to be able to purchase products on those platforms. People use social channels regularly to discover and hunt for new products to add to their cart or wish list, and this method allows them to buy anything within that media.

But to gain traction in sales, people should be able to find your store and products in the right place at the right time. One of the ways to gain that is to create ads for your product or brand so that your targeted audience can find your products and have easy access to your store.

You can also include social sharing options on your website and storefront as a means to grow your market reach and boost sales. Due to the pandemic, the majority of the public have resorted to shopping online. Therefore, to maximize new leads, you can promote your brand and products on multiple social media platforms. This can help your store gain recognition and generate buzz.

2.   Offer Promo Codes and Discounted Deals

People are generally more attracted to discounted deals, special offers, and sales, anything that helps them enjoy a luxury item at a much reasonable price. Small businesses can use that technique on Facebook shops to entice prospects and gain conversions. Store owners need to take a leap of faith and do more to lure out customers and generate hype about your products.

Loyal customers can be rewarded membership points or token, which allows them to unlock coupons, exclusive deals, and vouchers so that they’re prompted to stay on your storefront for extended timeframes and buy more. These tactics help to establish a bonding with your customer base and keep them interested, so they delight in coming back to your Facebook Shop.

You can also run contests and giveaways on Instagram to create hype for your products and boost engagement. This is an effective way to increase sales and build awareness about your business. As people frantically share your posts with their social circles for a chance to win a lucky prize, your Facebook shop gains qualified leads and fuels excitement.

3.   Ensure Your Product Descriptions; Images, Etc. Are Constantly Updated

Adding details about your product, such as its benefits and applications are necessary for a customer to realize the worth of the product. This information needs to be revised and changed to meet the targeted audience’s needs. An eye-catching caption is a powerful tool with which you can gain the attention of the prospect. Clear images with proper lighting will enhance the look of the product and encourage them to learn more about it.

Moreover, Facebook shop owners should accept reviews and comments from customers that have tried and tested your products so that the manufacturer can improve and modify any faults, if found, in the product. Once the changes have been made, those modifications can be updated in the product description as a way to assure customers that you value their opinion and act on it effectively.

Ultimately, your content should be SEO-optimized and rich in valuable information so potential customers can be convinced that you offer the right solution to their needs. For instance, if you run a carpet cleaning company in London, your content should be optimized for the keyword “carpet cleaning Westminster,” so your content shows up in local searches.

4.   Optimize the Layout and UX Design of Your Storefront

The outlook of your online store is what causes the customer to be intrigued by the kind of products available in your storefront. This will enable the user to gain simple access to necessary information about any kind of product related to his or her interests. Sorting products into groups will enable a customer to fish out the item according to their needs and requirement.

A complex layout will be tiring for the user to find his desired item and will result in them exiting the page. Online marketplaces that prioritize easy navigation, accessibility, and responsiveness of their pages are known to gain immense exposure by appearing in top-ranked searches. Therefore, the layout of your storefront is critical to the success of your business. The more visible your website to new visitors, the higher the chances of you securing qualified leads.

Wrapping Up

Facebook shops make shopping easy and convenient for the digital consumer.  For sellers, it offers a unique opportunity to reach maximum consumers with a well-placed marketing strategy that features high-quality, optimized content, shareability across social media platforms, and a user-friendly interface.

Facebook shops presents an excellent opportunity to strengthen your digital presence and expand your reach. The introduction of Facebook Shops is to create an easy online shopping experience for shoppers and to aid business owners in managing storefront under one roof. Once implemented successfully, you can easily connect with prospects and existing customers and offer 24/7 support to enhance their experience and help them find the things they love.

Maria Bhatti is a ghostwriter specializing in digital marketing for B2C companies. She writes for multiple clients worldwide, including Carpet Cleaning Westminster.

Facebook shopping stock photo by Chinnapong/Shutterstock