Working remotely is the new normal; it’s the realm no one could predict but everyone has begun adapting to – including business owners. We’re talking about organizing distant Zoom calls, evaluating the speed with which organizational goals are achieved, and maintaining customer relationships that can survive via through-the-screen interactions.

Add the burden of creating environmentally-conscious working conditions for employees, and you’ve got quite a hefty weight to carry.

How does one keep his staff invested in adopting green habits when everyone is working from their own spaces across the globe? He commits to educate the personnel on the urgent need of reducing their carbon footprint while working remotely and incorporate entertaining activities that would awake the general interest and encourage involvement.

Share resources on environmental sustainability

Believe it or not, a lot of people aren’t aware of the impact global warming has on the environment. This is where eco-themed presentations and weekly newsletters featuring environmental reports will come in handy.

By giving your employees easy access to the groundbreaking statistics associated with increased global temperatures, widespread natural disasters and extinction of wildlife population, you do your part in educating them (and hopefully shifting their mindsets) about the burning issues and consequences that can be reversed if small steps are taken by every single one of them.

In addition to the digital resources, you can also hold digital quarterly meetings with your staff where everyone shares newfound information on the matter and expresses their opinion on how they can facilitate a positive change.

Invite eco-activists to run engaging workshops

The other way to spread the word about environmental problems is to invite eco-activists who can organize and run engaging workshops where everyone can contribute. They don’t have to be over-the-top extravagant – a simple upcycling seminar with participants transforming waste into art objects or household items is good enough to get everyone on the same page.

You can even take it a step further and have a yogi teach a Zoom class while cultivating healthy meditative habits that would benefit the wellbeing of employees.

Create ‘green teams’

What’s a better way to encourage sustainable living than to form ‘green teams’ that would help one another in their eco-conscious journeys? It can be done via a dedicated Slack channel where groups of 5 or 10 share their environmentally-friendly routines, give feedback on ways to improve, and keep each other accountable.

These groups can then, by the end of the month, for instance, communicate their results/findings and inspire the rest of the staff to incorporate certain green habits into their lives.

Organize green challenges with incentives

Speaking about green habits – why not organize challenges at-scale with exciting prizes that would prompt everyone to get involved? Offer your employees a chance to win a dinner for two, a free coupon to the spa, or perhaps even a monthly subscription to an eco-friendly box that’d help them make the switch to green products faster.

No matter what incentive you choose, odds are curiosity among your staff will rise and you’ll have everyone competing for the common good in no time.

There is no shortage of challenges either. The renowned Plastic Free July is a great place to start familiarizing your personnel with plastic and affordable ways to replace it day by day.

You can complement it by introducing a Step Challenge where everyone has to walk everywhere they go, and a habit-like practice – Meatless Monday where your employees have digital lunches consisting of vegetarian dishes.

Lead by example

The most straightforward way of motivating others to do something is to do it yourself. So, show your staff that you are at the top of your eco-living game and they will follow.

You can do it by demonstrating that you’ve switched to primarily using solar energy, decorating your office with air-purifying indoor plants (peace lily, spider plant, areca palms), opting for paperless admin management, or taking up recycling and composting.

Remember that every big change starts with a small step. If you want your company to be a facilitator of change – the one that will spread beyond Zoom calls – make an effort to communicate that to your employees through engaging activities they won’t be able to pass up.

Torben Lonne is an entrepreneur, dad, scuba diver, and ocean lover who is deeply concerned with how we are treating our planet. He runs, an online magazine about scuba diving and how we all can make a positive difference for the environment.

Green at home stock photo by ponsulak/Shutterstock