If you are finding a way to promote your online course and want to attract students then you must benefit from digital marketing. Don’t worry if you’re new to it, you can learn it in no time!

Nowadays digital marketing has made it easy for people to promote businesses online. There is a lot you can do to reach your potential audience. Who does not want that?

By the end of this article, you will have everything you need to know to promote your online courses. These tactics will help you a lot in this field.

You created an online course but now what’s the hardest part? Figuring out how to promote online courses so people show up. Here’s what you need to know about it.

9 Stunning Ideas to Promote your Course Online 2021

Are you looking for the best way to promote your online course? Here are 9 ways that can help you immensely in this area.

Harness the Power of Social Media to Promote your Online Course

You should start advertising some teaser information about your course on social media regardless of which platform you are using to promote your business.

However, don’t make all the posts about your business and yourself as you are growing your following on social media. You can use different social media platforms to deliver the information of your online course to target the audience interested in your course.

Facebook is one of the top platforms to promote your online course as it is easy to create a private group there for your students. Also, it is a cost-free solution to build a community on a social media platform that people already use.

Become a Podcast Guest for Course Promotion

Nowadays everyone has a podcast on their phone right now. Podcasts are the best way to show your information or knowledge about a specific topic.

While preparing to release your course online, you can self-promote it on the podcast. You must be thinking about how to promote an online course on podcasts right?

It’s one of the successful ways to promote and sell courses online. You have to design the content of your course first and you need to plan what information you will show as a teaser or what information will be included in the paid course.

Create a Promotional Video on YouTube

Do you want to use YouTube to promote your course online because it’s the second-largest search engine? More than 30 million people visit it almost every day!

It is the fastest way to make a video rather than writing a blog. Video marketing is the best for promotion when you have started a new business. A promotional video will only take 4 to 5 minutes.

You can watch videos on YouTube related to how to market online courses and you will get all the information step by step on how you can make a perfect YouTube Channel market your course. For that, you have to create engaging content. You can learn all about it from YouTube influencers about how you can create a successful YouTube channel to reach a large audience.

Publish the Course through a Book on Amazon (Amazon Kindle)

Publishing a course book on Amazon has also been a successful way to promote your courses online. It’s super easy these days! You can self-publish your book on Amazon in digital format by using Amazon Kindle.

Publishing a book here takes only 5 minutes and will also enable you to reach thousands and millions of Amazon readers. However, be sure to mention the course of your book and invite readers to visit the sale page or website of your course for more details.

Create a Free Mini-Course to Give an Overview of the Full course

This tactic will take your little effort but is well worth it. When you create a free mini-course it gives an idea to people about what you are offering in your course.

Some companies offer free trial facilities to people. If the targeted students are fast learners they will purchase the course, learn the material, and will return it before the trial expires. But this course allows you to achieve the same thing in a good and responsible way. You can show the depth of your topic and your students will learn about your niche too.

Conduct Live Webinar

This is a great option to promote your courses online if you don’t want to promote them on the podcast. Running a webinar weekly is similar to a podcast but it has one major benefit:

You don’t have to create new content for a webinar constantly.

You must be thinking about how to market an online course with a webinar? It’s so simple.

You have to make a 45-minute presentation about a big topic in your online class. Touch all the pain points of your audience so that they take interest in your course. Then just run the ads of your course to your webinar and you will see how easy it is to sell courses online through webinars.

Offer Discounts on your Course

The greatest way to sell your online courses is to provide discounts to the first round of students. This can achieve two things for you:

  • It produces a solid income for your course
  • It also creates a system for collecting early testimonials and feedback

These are two important components when you want your online courses to be successful. Offering discounts can help you at the starting of your course launch as it helps pay for your Ads and tools.

Get Reviews from your Existing Students

People usually believe that reviews from third-party are unbiased and honest because service and product providers can’t hide or change the reviews of a third person. You can ask your client to rate your online course on the review platform. More and more people can read them and decide according to the reviews of other people.

However, you must also be prepared for negative comments from people to appear in the review section. So to keep your reputation good, find a way to handle negative reviews of customers. For instance, you can apologize quickly and express compassion and empathy. If there is a mistake from your side you can explain it to your clients politely and delicately.

Take Part in Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the most important part when you want to promote your business online. It can provide you great results in terms of conversions and reviews. But in the starting, you need to put some time into blogging before you can reap the advantages of it. Blogs drive traffic to your website.

Expect it to take a while to get you thousands of customers! It takes time to integrate blogging as a part of your marketing strategy and change visitors into learners.

Focus on each stage of the buyer’s journey, from visitors to become aware of your online courses to make a purchase. It is not necessary to promote all the content of courses directly but you can do it in some blog posts.

How to Sell Course Online Using Course Platforms

The most important thing to know while choosing a platform to sell courses online is that all platforms are not designed to sell courses online. They are just made to support academic programs or deliver internal corporate training.

Even those online platforms that work to tell online courses come in different flavors. If you pick up the wrong one for your online course business you will have headaches.

Here are some of the best platforms to sell your courses online:


You can sell your platform through Teachable as it is a platform for building an online school with powerful marketing capabilities.


You can use Udemy to launch your first course if you have started a new business. Udemy charges a 3% income share on the sale of your course made by instructor coupons.


Coursera is a global online learning platform that provides anywhere, anyone, access to courses online and degrees from top companies institutes so it’s a great platform for you to sell your courses online.


This is yet another perfect site for offering online courses. Bloggers, photographers, and many other creative people use Skillshare for teaching new skills. In this platform, instructors earn royalties for the courses that are viewed.


Marketing online classes can be a little hard for you because there is no universal idea for promoting your course online. After all, each course is different in terms of complexity, topic, and target audience.

These are some strategies that you can use to promote your business online if you have no experience with marketing your business online. We’ve done our work- now it’s your turn to for your research and choosing the best tactic to promote your business online.

Farasat Khan is a conscious online marketer, who has helped brands like OptinMonster, WPForms, 10Pearls, and others harness the power of digital marketing. He is passionate about writing content on SEO, Marketing strategies, WordPress, and Technology.

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