9 Ways HR can Easily Increase Employee Productivity

By Ravi Kumarr Gupta

One of the primary responsibilities of the human resource department is to increase the productivity of the organization. One thing that makes human resources unique is that they possess unlimited capabilities. The way you make use of the workforce will determine the level of productivity of the organization. A lot of pressure is usually directed towards the management team whenever an organization aspires to enhance productivity. However, you must understand that bottom level employees play a critical role in determining the productivity of the enterprise. Managers must work through people to achieve the objectives of the organization. This article presents some of the ways HR can easily increase employee productivity.

1. Employ the Right People

You cannot produce beyond the capacity of the workforce you employ. You must understand that productivity does not start with training but right away at the recruitment stage. An employee who is not motivated will maintain the same attitude irrespective of your efforts to create a conducive. Some employees work towards transmitting negative energies into the whole team. This can only work towards reducing the productivity of the other employees and the whole organization at large.  Apart from having the right professional background, the people you hire should have the right attitude towards work. You can develop skills but changing an attitude is not an easy task. For example, a wrong employee will see an employee time clock as a way of policing him while the right employee will see the same as an excellent opportunity to enhance his productivity.

2. Encourage Innovation and Creativity in the Work Place

As an employer, you need to evaluate whether your employees can hear themselves and think. The employee should not act like a robot just doing what it has been programmed to do. After all, it is the employee who spends most of the time with the customers or in the production process. Workers understand what the organization requires to develop a competitive edge in the market. They can collect feedback from customers and suggest better ways of doing things so as to enhance the productivity of the organization. The human resource team needs to encourage creativity among each staff and use the ideas they suggest to make meaningful decisions.

3. Have Flexible Work Schedules

Gone are the days when you could have rigid work hours and still expect your employees to remain productive. The Human resource professionals should encourage flexible working hours and provide all employees with an opportunity to balance between work and his or her social life. Employees who have a good work-life balance will always meet their deadlines because they are motivated. The HR practitioner should understand the staffing needs of each department and build a practical work schedule that will benefit both the employer and his employees. The HR should allow the employees to work during the time when they are most productive. You will not concentrate on your work when you have other issues like child care haunting you. Flexibility at work boosts the engagement and morale of the employees and this will ultimately enhance productivity.

4. Reward employees on the Basis of Performance

The reward system that the organization adopts plays a critical role in enhancing productivity. You can either remunerate your employees on the basis of seniority or performance. The period that the employee has been with the organization may not be as important as his contribution to the productivity of the entity. The HR should base salary increments and promotions on performance and not seniority. This will motivate the employees to work hard because they will know that they stand to benefit.

5. Install a Reliable Time Tracking System

It beats logic to have employees come to work and leave office when they feel like. Accountability on how employees use their time at work plays a critical role in determining the level of productivity. Research on the most ideal time clock for your organization and install it so that you can track the time your employees are productive. However, you must make the employees to understand that these measures are meant to assist and not police them. Employees should own the idea of having a punch clock in the organization if you want it to be successful. Nowadays, most organizations like to use an online time clock in an effort to increase productivity.

6. Have the Right Tools of Trade

You cannot expect employs to remain productive unless you give them the tools they require to produce results. This may vary depending on the nature of industry and type of working environment. Some employees may require more stationery while others need more equipment. Understand the needs of each department and allocate sufficient resources to meet those needs. Employees should not struggle in their effort to undertake their duties. Make sure you provide the required facilitation and you will expect to report an increase in productivity.

7. Have a Clean and Comfortable Working Environment

The work environment cannot support productivity unless it is clean and comfortable. The HR should make sure that there is sufficient lighting in the working environment. The ventilation should also be good so that there is a free flow of air in the office. Make sure that furniture is comfortable to support long working hours. The overall cleanliness of the office should also be unbeatable. A clean and comfortable work environment will enhance the health of the employees and in turn increase productivity.

8. Keep the Employees Informed

It is always important to inform the employees of any changes in the organization. This will make workers to understand that you value them and begin to feel to be part of the organization.  Such a sense of belonging will enhance the motivation of workers and this will ultimately increase productivity. You could also seek for their opinion as you try to find better ways of doing running the organization.

9. Create Incentive Programs

Finally, always work towards rewarding outstanding performers. There are several reward systems including paying of bonuses or buying them gifts. You could also use non-monetary rewards like just recognizing outstanding performance. Create an incentive program that will suit the needs of your workers. This will encourage them to work harder and produce more for the organization. The most successful strategies are those that develop an intrinsic push towards productivity. The HR can achieve very little success if it attempts to push the employees to achieve productivity.

Ravi Kumarr Gupta is a niche writer and activate blogger. He loves to write about hot and trending topics and currently writing on business and technology news.