By Linda Philips

All web designers need right tools for doing their job perfectly. Web designing reverberates very familiar in the era of digital marketing but it is not a simple task especially if you don’t have the right tools to make your website outstanding and more click worthy amidst your rivals in this cutthroat environment. To create well-designed websites with unique graphics and features certainly needs a combination of knowledge and user-friendly tools

For all businesses, websites are the ultimate source for establishing their long term relationships with their clients. Hence, it should be created with an ideal balance of striking graphics and user-friendly interface. Luckily, there are certain tools for our web designers to help them in finishing their complex tasks of designing unique website with excellence. I have outlined a list of important web designing tools that all web designers should use.

#1 Webydo – Hybrid Platform Desgning and Development

Webydo is a hybrid platform for both web designing and development and hence, this is a great tool for the web designers who are looking to make some creative web designs without any assistance from the web developers. It can create pixel perfect website designs that look amazing on the screens of different devices.


With Webydo, the designers can star their designing wither from the scratch with a drag and drop interface or they can use their current layout or template for introducing the required changes. The designing will be done in the web editor that will code the design accordingly. You can also integrate new features on their website without adding the code hence making this tool as a great choice for all designers.

#2 Colorzilla– Free Extension for Assisting Color Related Tasks

Colorzilla is an extension for both Chrome and Firefox that assists the designers and the developers in performing color related tasks both advanced and fundamental with flawlessness. This tool consists of an Eye Dropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other added tools.


The three main features of Colorzilla:

Eye Dropper: It helps the designers in selecting colors of any pixels on the web page.

Color Picker: It is just like the color picker found in Photoshop and it helps in picking up the colors while designing the graphics.

Gradient Generator: It helps in converting the images to CSS with ease.

#3 Font Squirrel– High Quality Freeware for Free Fonts

Font-Squirrel is a premium quality freeware introduced for solving the problem of selecting best fonts for your website. Designers can use this resource for choosing free, high quality, hand-picked, and commercially used fonts. This feature makes it easier for the designers to load as many fonts as they want to use while designing their web page.


All the fonts are available through Font Squirrel in an easy-to-use format so that you can choose the fonts for your website as per choice.


#4 Invision– Turns Designs Into Interactive Prototypes


If you want to turn your designs into interactive prototypes to convey your thoughts and ideas in a much better to your clients, then Invision is an ideal tool. You can perform animations, transitions together with real time design of your website for different screen sizes. It comes integrated with impressive features like collaboration and sync abilities along with version control that makes it versatile tool to suit the varied needs of designers.


#5 Google Rich Snippets- Makes Your Website Attractive in Search Results

From the suite of Google webmaster tools, the Google Rich Snippets is a great tool for the web designers that help them in making their website striking in search results.  It allows the designers to customize and preview how their websites appear in search results. Besides, this tool also offers effective solutions for checking if your website is offering valuable data to Google for improving its ranking in its search results. Besides, it also offers effective solution for evaluating if your website is offering helpful data to the Google for improving its ranking in its search results. In this way, the Rich Snippets provides users expedient summary information about their site’s search results.

For example: The given example of Rich Snippet displays the search results of a banana bread recipe along with the review stars, calorie count, and total time required for preparation, which is useful for all those internet users who are looking for appropriate information about this recipe.

rich snippet

# 6 Infogram– Turns Data into Visually Attractive Infographics


It is true that a visually attractive pictures speaks thousands words and hence, being a designer  if you have the tool to turn the data or content on the website into remarkable charts, infographics, and interactive visualizations, then you can certainly be able to draw the attention of visitors towards your website. Infogram is a data visualization product that comes with 30 different interactive charts, thus swathing a huge variety of data visualizations requirements of presentations, websites, and other occurrences where a picture could explain in a much better way than the text.


You can create free account on Infogram with a variety of features and for designers, there is an option of white label for helping then in adding the logos of their business to promote the solution with the organization’s own identity.

#7 Pidoco– Fastest Prototyping Tool

This prototyping tool is used for making highly interactive prototypes and wireframes without any coding thus making it easier for the designers to create prototypes without assistance of the website developers. The bundle of stunning features that comes with this tool consists of custom templates, real time collaboration, and various export options along with a requirement document generator that helps the designers develop the prototypes in much better way.


It also helps in saving the precious time by lowering the development time and project risks. So, if you are searching for a tool to make interactive prototypes with lesser time, then this tool is perfect choice for creating prototypes from scratches.

#8 HTML5 Maker– Free Banner Maker

Use of animation on websites and social media pages is yet another way of grabbing the attention of users towards your websites. The HTML5 maker is an outstanding animation tool that helps the designers in creating Animated GIFs and banners for sharing on different social media sites. You can make the banners, sliders, presentations and share templates. This tool is quite easy to use as there is again no coding is required and you can save your presentations and animations on the save and can edit them from anywhere, anytime. In addition, you can conveniently make professional looking banners and animated GIFs to integrate with your website.

html5 maker

Have you tied these web designing tools earlier? If not, then start using these tools from now onwards to maximize your potential a web designer and create extraordinarily attractive web designs, graphics, and presentations for enhancing the efficiency of your business. If we have overlooked some of your favorite tools, do mention them in the comments section given below.

Linda Philips is a small business owner and a social media strategist. She holds Master degree in marketing from Western Michigan University and is a regular contributor to numerous online magazines and journals. Follow her at @thelindaphillips.