being yourself

By Dr David Kubes

Our business world is way more creative and unique than a lot of people consider. No human being on our planet exactly looks alike – not even twins. The idea of having standards, rules and regulations have not been designed to make us equal or act the same – they were designed to make it easier to live together and have an organization in place that allows us to interact.

Unfortunately, this has led to the idea that certain standards have to be or should be met in order to reach a certain goal or position in our business world. The truth is: it is the other way around.

Trying to be like someone else or reaching out for stereotypes kills our creativity and the uniqueness nature has gifted us with. It limits our potentials and turns us into robots that function in a predictable way. On the other hand, our hectic and fast-moving business environment requires us to “fit in”: if not, the chances of being replaced by someone who is “easier to handle” are big. Is there a way to “fit in” and at the same time keep on being yourself? – Yes, there is.

“Being Yourself” does not mean you don’t follow rules and regulations. It does not mean you do whatever you want whenever you want. Being You is not being a “rebel” fighting against society. Being yourself is not an acting or a doing, being yourself is a state of being; a space where you know what you want to create in your life and never allow others to judge you or limit you. Being Yourself in a professional environment requires the willingness to do what it takes in order to get what you want without giving yourself up. It may sometimes require you to pretend to fit in, but it never includes giving yourself or your ideas up. It requires the courage to have a different point of view and to talk about it; to stand up and say “no” when you are aware of something that does not work for you and to apologize, if something went wrong.

No matter if you run your own business or work as a corporate employee. Being yourself in a professional environment will always create a space where other people see the uniqueness of you and difference you are. It allows you to show up as the person you truly are and those who desire that uniqueness of you for their own businesses or corporations to see you and reach out to you. Being Yourself is the willingness to be seen for what you are, not for what you do or deliver.

Being Yourself in a professional environment also requires a certain level of awareness of what other people can hear and if an action is appropriate in that moment or not. Sometimes you might be a little bit too much for others, sometimes it might not me the right time for a certain comment and sometimes a situation may require you to stand up and shout out. There is no formula or procedure to follow; there is no business school that teaches these details, there is only you who can be aware of it. Once you allow yourself to be yourself in your professional environment you will also know what you want. Knowing all the above is part of being yourself and only you can determine weather an action is appropriate in that moment or not. You are unique, spontaneous, flexible and creative – and so are your actions and reactions.

There is no “right” way to act or behave other than being yourself and knowing what is required in every single situation. And the more you allow yourself to “be you” instead of acting like others say, the more your business will grow. This might come along with some changes to your current business situation and that might include some uncomfortable situations, but you would not have finished reading this article if you were not willing to step up and choose for more – for more of yourself.

Dr David Kubes is an international lawyer specializing in aviation law, finance and project management. In 2006 he opened his own boutique law firm Kubes Passeyrer Attorneys at Law. A savvy entrepreneur, he  owns several companies including an import-export company in Cuba, an Art Gallery in Vienna and his own real estate development company in Vienna. Kubes is fluent in German, English, Spanish and French and is an avid world traveller. He is a European-licensed coach and alternative dispute resolution practitioner and heads an international coaching and consulting company. He is a certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® special programs, including Wealth Creators Anonymous. Follow David.

Being yourself stock photo by Nokuro/Shutterstock