From large corporate environments to private home offices, workplaces of all shapes and sizes will be the topic of conversation today for “Improve Your Office Day.” The way employees function is often a product of their workplace, so companies and individuals should consider the many elements that go into creating high-performance office environments. Staples Advantage, the B2B arm of Staples Inc., has experts in all areas of the workplace—from technology implementation to furniture and design, productivity, safety and employee wellness – and offers the following tips for Improve Your Office Day 2013 and beyond:

  1. Encourage employees to take a break in order to reduce stress levels and increase productivity. Per a 2013 Staples Advantage survey, one of the three leading factors increasing workplace productivity, according to managers and office workers alike, is taking a break.
  2. Stock the kitchen or break room with coffee and snacks that will energize the staff and keep them running all day. The Staples Advantage productivity survey also revealed that approximately three fourths of office workers whose office currently doesn’t supply snacks want them to be offered. Providing nutritious snacks keeps employees healthy and productive.
  3. Consider allowing employees to take power naps. The same survey showed that 61 percent of employees and 51 percent of managers would like their company to allow for power naps. But only 6 percent of companies offered this option.
  4. Take inventory of your technology and replace outdated equipment that may be impeding productivity. In the last few years, technologies such as mobile devices and all-in-one printers have advanced dramatically while prices have fallen.
  5. Consider office décor and furniture upgrades that don’t require a complete overhaul. Simply replacing old, worn desk chairs and/or redecorating conference rooms can be easy, low-cost ways to make the office more attractive and comfortable.
  6. When expanding or redesigning the office, take recent design trends into consideration. Many employees cite collaboration as a key driver of improved productivity, so look for multi-use furniture systems that can encourage collaboration or impromptu meetings. Ergonomic furniture is also a key for improved health and wellness of employees.
  7. Telecommuting programs make for happier employees, reducing absenteeism and stress – provided they can stay connected, engaged and productive. Providing employees with the right technology makes it easy for them to get the job done, regardless of where they choose to work.
  8. Create a culture of safety. A recent Staples survey revealed the alarming statistic that 60 percent of businesses have not recently assessed their safety programs. The consequences of workplace injuries and illness cause an expensive ripple effect that impacts the entire company’s bottom line. Developing a safety program will ultimately help your business’ bottom line. Efforts engaging workers and reducing workplace injuries need to be embedded into every activity of the entire company, every day.