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By Kara Masterson

These days, more and more business owners are realizing that they could take their marketing campaign to the next level of efficacy by implementing tech-based strategies. If you’ve recently drawn this conclusion, now is the time to access and implement tech-savvy techniques that will help you expedite and optimize your company’s advertising strategies. Here are five strategies you can use to realize this objective:

Implement a Social Media Optimization (SMO) Campaign

One great way to improve your marketing campaign is through the implementation of a social media optimization (SMO) campaign. This strategy works because it empowers you to interface with online audiences on several dynamic, casual online platforms such as:

• Instagram
• Twitter
• Google+
• Facebook
• Pinterest

As noted in Social Media Examiner, one great SMO strategy you can deploy is a Twitter poll. This technique will involve asking your target market questions that are directly or tangentially related to your brand. In addition to helping you build relationships with your audience, running the poll will function as a research modality that enables you to learn more about your target market’s preferences and shopping behavior.

Video Production

As many marketing mavens know, online audiences are more likely to watch a video than read an article. As such, savvy business owners need to tap into the power of video production if they’re serious about making their brand known to as many people as possible. There are now thousands of advertising agencies who employ gifted video producers that will put together customized, cutting edge content on your behalf. Be sure to make your content available on popular social channels like YouTube so that you can attain an excellent return on investment (ROI) from this strategy.

Utilize Infographics in Your Content

If you’re serious about improving your marketing strategy, get serious about infographics. An infographic is a dynamic, visually engaging image that can be incorporated into an article or blog post to help readers break down information so that it is easy to digest. Because infographics tend to be so aesthetically innovative and people are drawn to visually engaging images, utilizing them in your content can keep a site visitor interested in your content. Infographics come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to convey any idea, statistic, and industry-related news.

Update Your Company Software

Updating your company software is a must if you’re serious about making your marketing campaign as tech-savvy as possible. This technique works because it ensures that all of your machines and devices are functioning optimally, thereby enabling your marketing team to complete their daily assignments quickly and correctly. Two forms of software you should be sure to update periodically are your marketing project management software and your customer relationship management (CRM) software. This software is important because it enables your sales and marketing staff to keep detailed records of each interaction with a prospect or customer, thereby providing them with more information regarding how to optimize communication with the individual. CRM software can also come with key features that enable your staff to expedite the lead generation process.

Encourage Satisfied Customers to Write Great Online Reviews

One final strategy you should deploy to make your marketing campaign more tech-savvy is encouraging satisfied customers to write great online reviews about your product or service line. As noted in Search Engine Land, 88% of consumers now believe that these online reviews are as credible as a personal recommendation. Thus to ensure that you maintain a pristine image in both the online and offline worlds, you want to be sure that your brand is being spoken of positively in the internet sphere.

Business owners who want their organizations to become increasingly successful need to hop on the technology bandwagon right now. By incorporating tech-based strategies into your marketing processes, you can expedite and optimize the process of connecting with and converting customers. Utilize some or all of the tech-savvy techniques listed above to ensure that your brand takes off in a powerful way!

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys tennis and spending time with her family.