By Manan Ghadawala

Do you run a modern generation business? If yes, then you will surely be having a well-maintained website. If yes again, I am sure you will be having the right amount of traffic being drawn to your site. Ummmmm, thinking about what to answer on this?

Well, a website in today’s times can only be called a well-maintained one if you are drawing enough traffic to it and be able to generate sales and revenue because of that.

Having an elegant website is not enough, you need to apply various strategies to improve the search engine optimization and draw as much as possible organic traffic towards your site.

Well, you must be saying that you have activated all those SEO helpers for your website but still confused on how to increase your organic traffic.

Here, we bring some tips which can help you with the immediate application of the strategies and see the results quickly in the very near future.

1. Improve on Blogging

Very few people get attracted to your services in without any extra efforts; it’s almost near to no one.

No one is interested in checking what you offer until and unless you attract them with something they might be searching.

Blogging is a way of sharing information in a presentable and attractive manner which tells the audience that you something meaningful for them to look and visit on your website.

It is considered to be one of the most effective ways to enhance your website’s organic traffic.

Blogging is one way of marketing about your website and business niche which helps you engage with them and them to understand your business persona.

As it is directly connected to your business persona, it is highly advisable that you must consider uploading the high-quality content only on your website for blogging or even anything.

You need to keep in mind quantity as well along with the quality of the content.

You surely have to produce the best quality content, but you need to remain quite frequent with posting blogs so that it is popping up often on the viewers’ screens as well as their minds.

You can keep your blog content limited to the ideal length of 900 words, but if you are writing on an informative topic, you can let the word range rest aside and make it a bit longer as well. This can help the visitors stay on your website for a longer time.

An informative and presentable content will make the readers happy, and they then tend to share it among their friends and the crowd on the web.

2. Write Catchy Headlines and precise Meta Descriptions

You have chosen a topic and wrote an excellent blog onto it; but wait, you can’t yet update it on your website.

You need to give your blog an attractive and justifying headline which can quickly draw the visitor’s eyes or better to say, that it means the same thing that the user might be searching on the web.

Try to use the catchy phrases those relate the keywords to your blog and your business niche.

A headline is the first thing of your blog that will bring the readers to your website from the search engine.

It should be precisely the same thing that would be on the visitor’s mind while searching.

Along with the headline, one more thing on the search engines accompanies the cause to bring the organic traffic is the Meta Description of your blog.

A Meta Description is a brief note about the contents of your blog reading which, the user gets the point of your blog and opens it up to read it thoroughly.

You need to see to it that the Meta description is the precise statement that specifies what is in your blog.

It is usually considered ideal to keep the character length up to 156 characters, and it must contain the focused keyword that you are using in your blog to relate to any of your services.

3. Use the tailing keywords

Now that you have drawn the perfect outline on the web for your blog, you need to consider one point of appearing into the search results.

It is observed that many times web shows the results of the articles or the web pages those contain the searched keyword for more than a specific number of times.

Thus, to satisfy this, you can use various keywords which the user may search looking out for particular information which is related to your business niche.

Using keywords mostly on your services’ pages and mainly in the blogs will help you draw considerable organic traffic.

Further, it is also seen that brief keywords usually don’t get much attraction or rather say, that doesn’t create much meaning.

Thus, in such a scenario, it is advisable to add long keywords related to your products and services.

You can make it in the form of a short question, a phrase, or something like that.

This way, your website will attract the exact people who will be looking out for those particular services that you provide and looking at your website’s usefulness they might turn out to be your clients.

4. Try to link and get linked through your website

We are all aware that having good references helps you get good business.

Over here, we will discuss the reference in the form of links.

It is seen mostly the search giant considers a website more reliable when it has got a certain number of incoming links allowed on it such as some from other trustworthy sites.

The more your website has incoming links, the crowd you will be able to gather on your site.

Try embedding links of other websites, such as some from your friends, colleagues, or even other bloggers; everyone has a certain amount of traffic coming on their site which can also get directed to your site.

It is quite beneficial if you get a good number of backlinks to your article without forcing or paying an additional penny to anyone.

Apart from the links to or from other websites, you must also add some internal links such as a link to your blog relating to a particular part such as explaining some steps, or to any of your web page related to your services or products information.

This way the user engagement on your website can increase as they will spend some more time on your site; instead of reading a single blog, they will now be reading two or even some more.

However, you must add the internal links adequately. Adding too much of internal links may also distract readers from what they wanted to have and result in irritating them.

Moreover, too many internal links can also make a website look like a spam website which is quite harmful to the website’s as well as the business’s reputation.

5. If it’s not useful, remove it off

Here, we come to an aspect of keeping your website neat and clean.

You might be thinking how will it help you bring additional organic traffic; well, let me tell you, a clean and well-appearing website is quite attractive in the reader’s eyes in terms of the information as well as the business persona.

Whether you notice it or not, there are some pages on your website those are creating, or instead say, increasing the dead weight on your site which is very harmful to your website’s SEO.

This dead-weight will not only make your website load slower but also make it look unsettled and low-maintained.

I know, you won’t be happy to hear that, and that’s why you must take the necessary step to remove this problem.

Prune your website – audit every webpage and remove the unnecessary content or the whole web page which is not making any traffic or any sense to your business services.

While pruning your website, you can count the web pages as unwanted ones for those that have no links, gets no traffic and not bringing you any conversions.

However, there’s a point where you would like to retain some of your pages that get less traffic or incoming links but gets a lot of internal links.

Well, you need to consider every point thoroughly and make your website a better resource for your business as well as to the visitors for the information they seek.

Putting to an end

Drawing organic traffic to a website is similarly crucial as convincing clients to buy your products.

It is quite a lot of times mentioned on the web that your website can be your greatest online sales representative if maintained well.

Well, if the website is the sales representative, the organic traffic can be called as the direct clients who are sheer important for every business.

Thus, respecting the factors, you must consider the essential points and make necessary implementations to enhance your organic web traffic.

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. Follow him on @twitter

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