By Anita Sambol

Lately, businesses focus their efforts and budgets aggressively toward content marketing as statistics have shown significant business, traffic and revenue growth. Depending on your business model, the chances are that the success of your company largely depends on the quality of the content. The logical question is – should you focus on building an in-house team or outsource a professional agency to do content marketing for your business?

Business owners, no matter the size of the business, at one point, will face that question. So, let’s dive into this issue and compare the benefits and downsides of both approaches.

Difference Between In-House and Outsourced Content Marketing

Before we dip into details, let’s first understand what’s the main difference between those two approaches.

In-house, as the name suggests, means that you, as a business owner, effectively put your efforts and resources in building a team inside your company which will take care of content marketing.

You’re in charge of forming and managing a team of professionals who’ll handle all aspects of content marketing to reach your business’ goals.

On the other hand, outsourcing content marketing to an agency means your employees don’t perform these tasks. Simply put, the specialized agency with a lot of experience and diverse portfolio is taking care of your content marketing, while your employees and yourself are working on your core business

Every approach has its own benefits, and there is no ‘recipe’ that fits every business. Let’s move to the benefits and downsides of each option, so you can get a clearer picture of which approach will make your business thrive.

Benefits of In-House Team

The most significant benefit of having an in-house content marketing team is, by far, the level of understanding of your business and brand. Since we’re talking about the team of your employees who already know the business’s culture, mission and vision, it’s a lot easier (and cost-effective) to properly align a content marketing strategy.

Communication is a crucial part that determines the success of every business. Once you set up an in-house marketing team, the communication flows are way more efficient. For instance, you can do face-to-face meetings, get instant updates on the progress and communicate the needs. Having a content marketing team that directly collaborates with the management ensures the quality and non-interrupted information flow.

If you’ve already hired individual experts in specific fields, like SEO, content writing or social media marketing, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to form an in-house content marketing team. The main reason is reduced costs compared to hiring an agency since you already have professionals with experience and proper tools.

Benefits of Hiring an Agency

By outsourcing the content marketing agency, you get the right amount of experience and skills backed up by a portfolio. Since content marketing is a very competitive field, it dictates that agencies have to follow trends and focus on learning as otherwise, the competition will take over their market share.

While hiring an in-house team can be a challenging task, hiring the agency gives you an edge when it comes to expertise, experience and a proven track of results. Successfully implementing a content marketing strategy requires access to expensive, but effective content marketing tools that agencies have. You don’t have to worry about investing in new tools or managing your in-house team and you can solely focus on crucial aspects of your business.

Agency can provide you with fresh ideas and perspectives that internal teams tend to miss out. The reason for it is that the agencies aren’t biased with internal processes which can positively impact a content production phase. Also, have in mind that an objective perspective on your business can point out the missed opportunities in your marketing strategy and help you with identifying the new ideas for improvement.

Downsides of In-House Team

In recent years, the demand for marketing skills drastically grew. It makes it difficult to find top marketing talents inside your company.

Employees in the team could be influenced or biased, which makes it harder to think objectively. That can result in missed opportunities, too promotional content that doesn’t suit the needs of the audience or even lacks in creativity.

Depending on the needs, having an in-house content marketing teams can cost way more than hiring an agency. Training and hiring new team members is a long process that requires time and money. Have in mind the costs of required tools (usually very expensive) are sometimes higher than outsourcing link building, content writing or a whole content marketing team.

Downsides of Content Marketing Agency

Depending on your needs and the agency’s expertise and reputation, outsourcing a team of professionals can be expensive. On the other hand, if you go for a “budget” option and hire a slightly more affordable agency, you might not get the results you are expecting.

Another significant downside is not being a core part of your business. It means that the agency might have trouble in understanding the context of your business or brand and your audience. That can result in a series of problems, including writing content for a wrong audience.

Since agencies usually have a few clients at the same time, communication and responsibility can be a struggle at some points. The communication flow is by far less efficient while collaborating with agencies.

Pick the Strategy That Suits Your Needs

As all being said, both approaches have their own benefits and downsides. No approach suits every company, so it’s essential to put your effort into identifying your content marketing needs. Create a detailed content marketing strategy and evaluate your company before taking a final decision. Decide, whether or not, your business has the right skilled professionals who can bring desired results. Sometimes, going with a hybrid approach can yield great results.

Anita Sambol is a content strategist and graphic designer at Point Visible, a marketing agency providing custom blogger outreach services. She has years of experience in designing graphics for web and running social media and content marketing campaigns. She loves cooking and football.

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