By Rakesh Jain

Ecommerce sector which started as a blue ocean of opportunity for numerous business start ups has quickly become the most heatedly competed markets of all time. The reason being the nominal capital required for launching an online commerce store and at the same time giving the existing market players equal level of competition as any big firm. Internet has evened out the commerce sector significantly and made the entry of new players easy thus exponentially increasing the market competition. With this atmosphere of uncertainty what can you do to make sure that your ecommerce store has customers repeat themselves as well spend more every time they visit your website?

Make your Checkout process simpler

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68.07% of customers abandon their shopping cart selection without making a purchase owing to the complicated procedure of checking out from the website, states a report by Baymard. Making your checkout process simpler is one way to not lose those customers as well gain new on account of easier hassle free payment. For instance, removing the requirement of a sign up while checking out and instead introducing an option for guest checkout that doesn’t require any sign up. Consider every step in a checkout process as a hurdle for your prospective consumer to leap over, and then reason whether it’s worth to lose a sale or a thousand sales for that matter so that you can fill a database?.

Improve trust within your funnel

The typical consumer follows the following path when making a purchase on an ecommerce store.

Visit site via URL>See Product Page> View Checkout> Undergo Checkout

This is in layman terms is the funnel that your customer passes through before the actual transaction happens. By augmenting the trust of your customers in your website at every stage of this funnel you can boost your conversion rates. For instance on product page you can display of the reviews of the said product. This will provide the social credibility to the actual quality of the product. 77% of online buyers take in reviews as consideration before making a purchase. Also, integrate a live chat option in your website as research indicates that consumers prefer live chat over other kinds of customer service.

Become better at showcasing product benefits

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Showcasing your product perfectly is the key to boosting your sales. Make sure your ecommerce mobile app builder and website pays attention to this. The consumer puts his money in for benefits and not for features. So showcase your product’s benefits better via better, crisp and high resolution product images. You can even make a video about your product clearly laying out its benefits, features and dimensions. Also make use of the product description section to elaborate on your product in an enticing manner.

Develop a Loyalty Program

Current ecommerce mobile app builders provide mobile apps with inbuilt loyalty program template. Rewarding a consumer is important to earn their loyalty. Create a loyalty club/program to boost your conversion rate for your existing customers and simultaneously reward them for their purchases. You can simply reward them for the second purchase they make or after a stipulated sales mark. You can decide on your most loyal customers and focus on them accordingly based your store report comprising their total number of order and its gross value.

Get New Customers from Loyal Fans

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You can get more customers out of your existing consumer base. The best way to acquire them is to allow your current consumers to easily refer your store to their friends. These “friends” is a network of people almost similar to your loyal customer, i.e., your repeat customers, the consumers who buy from your store again and again. Your ecommerce app builder has a feature for referral program like Referstream. In short the best way to boost your sales is to target the right consumer demographic and the most successful way to do that is to leverage your existing consumer base.

Have a generous return policy

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A generous return policy builds customer faith in your brand and increases their likelihood of shopping from your ecommerce store since they ensured of their investment’s safety. But it isn’t easy to offer a robust return policy; you need to have faith that the consumers will accept your product with both hands. It is also important to maintain the delicate balance between eliminating the customer’s pre-purchase concerns and promoting returns over sales as it is operationally very expensive for business. The more you make the purchase safe for consumers the more you will returns.

Optimize the buying experience

Whether your first time customer will become your repeat customer depends on the checkout process and the order fulfillment. The checkout should be seamless and the order fulfillment should be quick. Perks like free shipping or fast shipping help attain that target. And the most important part of online shopping is paying. Consumers have to be made to feel good about their expensive purchases. Offering your consumers the option of financing not only makes that possible but it also increases your average order value.


To make your customer make more and more expensive purchases and also increase the rate of their making purchases on your store, the above mentioned points should be integral to your marketing strategy. Fortunately, most ecommerce mobile app builders today offer quite a lot of these features built in. So, follow these and boost your sales volume.


Rakesh Jain is a CEO and Co-founder of Mobicommerce, an eCommerce web & mobile app development company having a team of best app developers who deliver best eCommerce solutions mainly on Magento and PrestaShop platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites. You can connect with him on Twitter.