By Tim Brown

It’s a given that your employees enjoy receiving promotional products. They’re free, fun and more often than not, useful! Although they may be aware that you are using these products for motives other than simply job satisfaction, they are probably not aware that you are using them so that they become or remain productive.

Here are the top promotional products which can help your office increase productivity.


You can NEVER have too many pens floating around an office and your employees should never need to search for a pen to use. Time searching is time wasted. Not only will an ample supply of branded pens help with productivity, your employees will probably take them home or share them with your clients promoting your company at the same time.


Although it’s sometime hard to fork out the money on the better quality promotional products, items such as leather bound note pads or folders can do wonders for your employee productivity. Not only does your employee appreciate the gesture, they actually keep and use them Instead of sticking post-it notes all over their office. What’s even better, all their notes remain in the same place.


It’s usually a given but a clock in direct eye-line is a fabulous method to keep your employees on track and on time. It’s important that you chose a nice one so that they want to keep it on their desks!

If you are working across time-zones, a world clock may prove even more productive for your employees. It beats them search the internet to find out the time in Paris.


Now this is a must have. This ‘Energy Bar’ device is powerful enough to charge all generations of iPad, Kindle and other Tablet/e-Reader Devices that use USB connecting cables. It can also charge Smartphones like iPhone, Android OS Smartphones. Nothing wastes more time than searching for a charger or running out of batteries halfway through a presentation or call.


For your employees on the go, why not give them a fancy business card holder. It will not only make them more organized, they will look professional while promoting your business at important meetings.


It’s amazing how many people actually forget what day of the week it is. Make sure your employees have easy access to a calendar by combining it with their mouse pad. It will not only keep them organized on a day to day basis, it will give them foresight into the future.


This is an essential item for all office workers desks and the more accessible the better. Almost everybody needs a calculator, and it’s a lot quicker than finding the app on your computer.

Tim Brown has been an advocate of promotional items for several years. He has helped numerous businesses leverage their brand using the right products. Tim is also a keen contributor on marketing forums and an active blogger.