By Alessandra de Faria

You didn’t get to the top by shying away from difficult decisions others weren’t willing to take. Increasing revenue and continuing to grow will require a great deal of work and effort as well. You’re a self-made professional, focusing on developing your brand and providing customers with the highest level of services possible. Regardless of what the competition throws your way, you’ve found ways to remain at the top and help your business to grow. So, what does it take to continue to grow, increase sales and drive the profit margins?

Relationship Building Garners Success

In any industry, you rely on others. One well-known businessman, Brian Tracy, specializes in the training of businesses and individuals. He has experience in training professionals in various industries, and speaks on topics including goal setting, development, building self-esteem and creativity, as keys to business success. Tony Robbins is another well-respected business professional. He is a business professional, best-selling author, and #1 life and business strategist. With over 40 years of experience, he teaches people the importance of relationship building to garner success.

Joshua Cooper Ramo, author and co-CEO of Kissinger Associates, focuses on relationship building in his book “The Seventh Sense.” In it, he illustrates how new age connectivity, via the internet but also in trade and finance networks, undergirds success and influence in the modern world.

Having the right senses to develop lasting relationships, working with partners, and building relationships that result in fruitful development are as critical to reaching the top as they are to staying there. Any industry professional can attest to this. It’s relying on marketing professionals, word of mouth referrals, other businesses that will promote a product, or share your business through social media outlets, that will help you achieve the success you desire as a business owner.

Garnering positive relationships isn’t a natural talent. It is something you have to work at and can be learned. It requires a dedication to focus on your craft, and it is critical to attracting new customers to your business. Learning to not only build relationships, but to rely on them, and showcasing a willingness to give back, is a cornerstone of success—in any professional industry.

Creativity Is Paramount: Offer a Problem-Solution Type of Product

If you’re continually doing the same thing or using the same tactics as competitors, you’re not going to remain at the top for too long. Brian Tracy’s “14 Proven Strategies for Success” is a great example of selling a benefit to audiences. The professional speaker and author teaches individuals how to identify problems and indicates how your product/service can fix those problems. People who purchase products do so because it is beneficial to them. As a professional, it’s important to showcase how your product can provide that benefit or solution they’re seeking. Finding creative approaches to market a product, sell its benefits and indicate to consumers why it’s the best product for that solution, are all keys to increase profits over time.

Integrate Social Channels

Tony Robbins focuses on empowerment and engagement seminars and events, to teach professionals how to grow and master their business. Increasing profit margins, gaining a stronghold on competitors, and learning secrets to achieve peak performance are some of the many lessons he teaches in his seminars. Learning from business professionals and their proven success mechanisms is a great way to achieve business success. His training sessions provide details on building social connections, becoming a master influencer, and other topics, which help business professionals engage, and enhance their social footprint.

Any business not utilizing Instagram Stories, Facebook Like, or other social outlets, isn’t going to drive its sales figures the way it hoped to. Social media is critical to selling today. People are on Instagram or Twitter more than they’re on nearly any other site. To increase sales, it’s relevant to market and target audiences through these channels. Finding your niche audience and selling that problem-solution benefit will help increase sales and profit margins in less time.

Focus on Buyer Trends

Abandoned shopping carts, previous buyer history, or suggested products on a website are key tactics to help businesses increase sales margins. By focusing on products a customer has bought in the past and making a suggestion based off that purchase, you’re simply using a mold, rather than recreating the wheel. Consumers are creatures of habit. By showing them you know what they want — and suggesting products based on what they’ve bought in the past — you’re effectively marketing your product line and increasing the sales for your business. You can avoid overspending on marketing and advertising by paying attention to your customers’ previous purchase and browsing history.

Bringing It All Together to Increase Sales and Profits

Companies that are willing to build relationships, take actionable steps to drive their business and focus on multiple channels and shoppers’ trends are going to see their profit margins increase. It is imperative in any industry that you know the right people and develops lasting relationships with them. If you’re always taking but never willing to give, these relationships aren’t going to thrive. Utilizing the power of connections, relationship building and focusing on what your current audience likes (needs/desires), it’s much easier to increase sales, as opposed to trying to rebuild something from scratch. Especially because your company has already seen immense success, it’s important to focus on the good and build off of that, rather than try something new that your audience isn’t looking for

Alessandra de Faria is an author with experience in sales, marketing, and advertising mediums. She has experience in researching sales trends, market trends, and business success. She’s intuitive in writing conceptual ideas for business professionals, that will help them drive sales, funnel success, and increase profitability, in their respective industry niche.

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