Unlike most TrendCasts, this doesn’t address a “hot” market or business opportunity. But trends that affect remote workers are a vital issue for most small business owners, so this survey from Zippia caught my eye. The State Of Remote Meetings shows that many employees are getting burned out on virtual meetings, especially those with cameras on.

The report shows the three most common complaints about virtual meetings are 1) people don’t like being on camera, 2) household disruptions, 3) technical issues.

More key findings:

  • Employees are twice as likely to prefer virtual meetings without cameras on.
  • 17% of employees prefer on-camera meetings.
  • 20% of workers rarely or never turn their cameras on during virtual meetings.
  • Frustrations with coworkers increase the angst: More than 20% of workers are frustrated by unengaged coworkers and coworkers who experience technical difficulties during the meetings.
  • Employees feel unengaged during virtual meetings and struggle to avoid getting distracted.
  • 92% of workers at least “somewhat” tidy up or prepare their workspace for virtual meetings. A bolder 8% just turn the camera on.
  • Most workers are fully dressed for virtual meetings regardless of camera status. If they know the meeting will be on camera, 10% more will be fully clothed.
  • A small (but still surprising) 1% of employees confess they’ve attended virtual, cameras-on meeting shirtless.
  • 73% of workers spend more time grooming (hair, makeup, etc.) to prepare for an on-camera meeting.

Zippia suggests that perhaps part of the frustration is dues to the fact many employees suddenly started working remotely and “lacked the appropriate space and available childcare” to create an ideal and effective work environment.

Other common virtual meeting grievances:

  • Feels performative
  • Tiring
  • Lack of body language/eye contact
  • Less effective communication
  • Boring

And in general, employees (and likely employers too) miss face-to-face interaction.

Check out the full study here.

Virtual meeting stock photo by Golubovy/Shutterstock