With winter storm Nemo making headlines on the East Coast in the last week, small business owners around the country should use the disaster as a reminder of how important it is to have a disaster plan in place for your business.

Panasonic for Business offers some useful tips, including reminding small business owners to keep a list of their key business contacts, which include contact information for all partners, vendors, insurance agents and staff. This contact list should exist in more than one place, and if possible, in both hard copy and digital formats. Learn more at Panasonicforbusiness.com. 

IT Business Edge offers some tech-oriented tips for creating a disaster recovery plan for your small business. For your business to thrive after disaster, employees need to be prepared to work from home, preferably armed with company laptops. This does also entail the availability of speedy broadband access, as well as some means to securely access the work files once they are recovered from data storage and redeployed on new servers. Learn more at IT Business Edge.

Finally, The Intuit Network reminds us to think about power sources, because the electrical grid is more exposed to the elements and more susceptible during major storms. Losing power may diminish many business activities, and having a small amount of battery or generator power can mean a lot to a small business. They can help charge cell phones or keep electrical equipment, such as computer servers or refrigerators, running until power is restored. Learn more at The Intuit Network.