By Rieva Lesonsky

Is your business profiting from mobile marketing yet? Or are you not even sure what “mobile marketing” means? Americans’ addiction to their smartphones is creating lots of opportunity for small business owners to market to consumers and businesspeople where they live–on their mobile devices.

To help you sort through all the options, I’m joining Network Solutions for a Small Business Mobile Livestream event tomorrow, May 17th. I’ll be moderating a panel of experts including small business technology expert Ramon Ray, technology therapist Jennifer Shaheen, and Navin Ganeshan, Network Solutions’ own chief product strategist.

Why should you care about mobile marketing? Well, consumers today are Googling on the go looking for restaurants, shops, movie theaters—you name it. In fact 33 percent of mobile searches are for local businesses. Is your business prepared for this onslaught? When they search for your business on their mobile phones, what do they get?  In other words, mobile marketing is increasingly vital for all small businesses.

Those who are searching on their mobiles are ready for action: 61 percent call the business, and 59 percent actually stop by. In total an overwhelming 88 percent of mobile searchers take action the same day they conducted the search.

During the livestream event, we’re going to share:

  • What mobile marketing really is, and why you need to pay attention.
  • The current state of small businesses and mobile technology.
  • Some simple and cost-effective steps to going mobile.
  • How you can incorporate mobile into your strategic marketing plans.
  • Small business mobile best practices that you can learn from.

Join us tomorrow, May 17, from 1:30 to 2:30 pm EST. Register here to receive more details. I hope you’ll be there!