By JP George

There are a lot of things that go into running a successful business. It’s never ever just one element that makes a business run smoothly. No matter what the company, or the size of the company, there needs to be a quality product, and there needs to be a demand for it. In addition, a business needs to have quality people working for it in order for it to be successful. Those people who are working hard every day are the heart and soul behind keeping a business afloat. In order to keep a business successful, employees need to feel passionate about the organization.

When an employee feels valued at the job, they are more inclined to do better. This is why employee recognition needs to be a continuous and constant business practice. It’s easy to value your employees. A little pep talk, and words of encouragement can go a long way.

Below are six tactics to keeping employee morale high.

1. Written credit. The first way to give credit to employees and what they do in the office, is by writing it out. Create a bulletin board that can easily be on display in the office. Be specific. When an employee knows they’re doing a good job in a certain area, they’ll be more inclined to do it more often if they know that they are being recognized.

Employers can take this method even further. They can do this by having contests. Every month make a list with categories that employees can win in. Ideas for this could be most fun, positive attitude, most helpful, etc. Employers can come up with small gifts as the prize such as a gift card to a local restaurant.

2. Social media. Another way to make employees feel recognized is through social media. A lot of business are plugged into Facebook and Twitter. Put a post out about an employee who is really rocking it in the office! They will absolutely love to see that they are not only getting recognition inside the office, but outside as well.

3. Thoughtful gifts. Employee appreciation day should be something that happens more often than it actually does. Giving employees small gifts is a way to not only make them feel valued, but to get them excited about the company. Perhaps one month everyone can get a gift such as a water bottle with the employee logo on it. Not only will receiving this make them happy, but then they can take it out places with them and be proud of where they work.

4. Employee gatherings. Creating a sense of community and family is important. Employers should put together small gatherings or picnics every so often. Here employees can bring their family and everyone can get a chance to know one another, and have a good time. Bosses can take a few minutes to give a little speech to everyone and recognize the strengths of specific employees.

5. Face-to-Face. Conversation and face-to-face time is so valuable in the work office. Employers and their employees need to have a good solid work relationship in order for the employee to do well. Hold little weekly meetings with each employee. Tell them what they are doing a great job on. They will love to hear it coming right from you, and they will grin hearing that they are recognized!

Employees recognizing each other. A final way of giving employees credit is by having it come from other employees! Encourage employees to email each other when good work is done. Or better yet, have a platform specific to appreciation where employees can recognize one another. Having encouragement come from a worker can positively affect the productivity of an employee.

A little employee recognition goes a long way. A happy work environment creates happy customers which creates better business practices.

@JPGeorge3 grew up in a small town in Washington. After receiving a Master’s degree in public relations, JP has worked in a variety of positions, from agencies to corporations all across the globe. Experience has made JP an expert in topics relating to leadership, talent management, and organizational business.