By Rieva Lesonsky

There are mere days left in Alibaba.com’s March Expo. On March 31 all the special deals, bargains and promotions go away.

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the deep discounts, shipping deals, financial promotions, minimum order quantities and more, you still have a few days left to order. Your first stop, perhaps, should be the weekly deals section, where the discounts start at 30% off.

One of the advantages of ordering during Alibaba.com’s March Expo is you can not only order your regular inventory, but you can test new products to see if you should incorporate them into your normal merchandise mix.

Let’s look at a few hot trends and explore some products that might interest you.

Men’s clothing

The Wall Street Journal reports business men are “ditching their suits” as more offices are embracing a more casual dress code. If you sell men’s clothing consider catering to the trend by offering some casual, yet still work appropriate shirts. These polo shirts with trimmed collars, from Guangzhou Ruibeier Trade Co., Ltd., are 50% off this week, come in a wide range of sizes (from XS to 4 XL) and a variety of colors.

Or these “golf shirts” from Shenzhen Hongxinqi Clothing Co, LTD, are available from XS to 2 XL, and are 30% off this week.

Kitchen/Restaurant supplies

Most home décor, accessories stores or websites and restaurant supply businesses feature copper-plated Moscow Mule mugs. These stainless steel mugs from Jieyang Xinghao Stainless Steel Co. LTD are perfect. And they’re 50% off this week.

Because plastics are polluting our oceans, many states already have or are planning to phase out usage of plastic straws in restaurants. Many homeowners don’t want to use them any longer either. Stainless steel straws solve the issue—for both consumers and restaurant owners. These straight and bent straws, also from Jieyang Xinghao Stainless Steel Co. LTD, come in a variety of metallic finishes or bright colors and are 30% off this week.

Consumer electronics

Cell phone cases are always in demand. Many consumers, especially young ones, have a wardrobe of cases to suit their moods. These fun cases from Guangzhou Ivy Plastic Ware Co., Ltd. would be ideal for young girls and women, came in a variety of styles and are 30% off this week.

Storage is an issue for many consumers these days, so items like this headphone stand from Shenzhen Liying Smart Devices Co., LTD are in high demand. The stands, which are 30% off this week, hold a headphone, two smartwatches and a smartphone.


One of the hottest, most in-demand beauty accessories these days are face rollers. If you sell beauty supplies, or own a hair salon these jade face rollers, from Dongguan Hanhe Electronic Co., Ltd. are 30% off during this last week of Alibaba.com March Expo.

Face masks are also very popular beauty items. Check out these facial masks from Guangzhou OBO Cosmetic Co., Ltd. They’re available in a variety of “smells”—aloe, blueberry, honey, olive and pomegranate and are 50% off this week.

These are just a few of the more than 12,000 items on sale this week on Alibaba.com. March Expo ends March 31, so be sure to go to Alibaba.com’s March Expo page and check out all the good deals.

Men’s clothing stock photo by Vtmila/Shutterstock

Kitchen supplies stock photo by v.gi/Shutterstock