The artificial intelligence industry grows and develops day by day. Every day, you can see something new in the market that facilitates numerous industries. AI helps in completing the tasks quickly by minimizing the efforts. Today, we will discuss facts about the latest AI trend, voice cloning.

Voice cloning appears like a boon for the podcasting industry. In podcasting, the professionals have to deal with lots of editing, and face some other audible errors. The introduction of AI voice cloning provides a great solution to tackle such issues.

Let’s go through some basic information about AI voice cloning and podcast for better understanding.

AI Voice Cloning

The use of AI voice cloning technology allows you to create duplicate voices. It can copy the tone, emotions, and other elements of the human voice. Proper use of technology can deliver the best results. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to identify which one is original.

According to Markets And Markets, voice cloning marketing will worth USD 1,739 million by the year 2023. It represents how effectively it is going to hit the market. The podcasting professionals can experience maximum benefit from it.


Digital audio files that are available on the internet and these audio files are a big similar to the talk shows or radio. The interested ones can easily access these files on digital devices or download it. Mainly these audio files are available in a series on a specific niche or theme.

With the time, the podcast uses by professionals from multiple industries such as –

  • Music Shows
  • Story Telling
  • Interviews
  • Talk Shows
  • Directions
  • Sportscasts
  • Commentaries
  • Tutorials

As per the reports, by the year 2024, there will be around 100 million podcast listeners only in the US and 20 million listeners in the UK. According to the current markets, it will grow at high rates. You can understand how podcasting is making its place in the market.

How Can AI Be Useful for Podcasts?

In the podcast industry, editing is the biggest challenge for providing quality and error-free results. If the task of voice speech does with an AI technology, then the chances of errors are low. On the other hand, it is also a challenging task. In today’s era, TTS technology is common for all and some major examples are – Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and some others.

You can consider AI voice cloning as an improved version of TTS technology. Voice cloning technology is not only reading the text flawlessly but adding human elements such as emotions. Podcasting works on human voices. If AI can do such work, then podcasters don’t need to pay for expensive voice-over artists or deal with some editing challenges.

Use of AI Voice Cloning in Podcasting

Voice cloning technology gets strengthened by artificial intelligence to deliver quality outputs. AI voice cloning is useful in replicating human voices. It helps individuals who usually work on podcast projects and have voice requirements every time. By using such technology, they can replicate the voices of others and add different voices to their projects for increasing effectiveness.

The availability of voice cloning provides an effective solution to the podcast industry and a great source to increase productivity and efficiency. Now you will get introduced to some major facts regarding the benefits of AI voice cloning to podcast production.

Recall the Past

Sometimes, the industry loses its famous actors or actresses. Due to it, they cannot use their voice in podcasts. After a time, you may get a good replacement. While working on a historical project, you may miss their voices and want to feature it. Previously, it was not possible at any cost.

Now, you have the option of AI voice cloning. It can help you in re-creating similar voices again with the same feelings. Here, you will get outputs highly close to the requirements. Consequently, you can provide a new life to your podcast and serve it effectively.

Time Saver

No one wants to delay their projects. Everyone tries to complete their podcast projects as fast as possible and publish them quickly. Sometimes, voice editings, rectifications, removal of errors, and some other tasks consume lots of time.

While dealing with artificial intelligence voice cloning software for podcasting, you can save time as well. It is not useful in improving work quality by decreasing errors. It can help you by providing audible outputs in no time.

For it, you have to input some voice samples first and allow the software for a short time to process it. After that, you can use the voice similar to samples for featuring your podcast. AI technology can complete such a task without wasting a single second.

No Need to Work With Kids

Working and coordinating with kids can be a daunting task. Kids can mess all things and create lots of barriers in the completion of a task to get desired results. Another challenge is, it is not easy to make the kids understand how to work, what tone or emotions require, and so on.

If you want to skip these messy things, then you have an effective solution now, AI voice cloning. It will help you in cloning the voice of kids with ease. You can hire a normal actor to say the things with emotions and you will get outputs in the tone of a kid. You will not face a single error in the outputs for that you used to spend hours with technology and maintain quality.

Feature Famous Voices

To create the best podcast, some individuals are trying to hire a famous actor, athlete, author, or other celebrities. Working with famous personalities cannot be an easy task. You have to get an appointment first to discuss your project and make a deal. Afterward, you have to wait for their free dates and schedule your activities accordingly.

Generally, the celebrities have a hectic schedule by which you may not get time as per your requirements or work process. AI voice cloning provides a great way to deal with such a condition. You don’t have to put effort into getting appointments with celebrities or deal with their hectic schedules.

You can use AI voice cloning technology and replicate the voice of the celebrity you want. Here, you need to invest less time and money as compared to the previous work trends. Brining a famous personality to the studio and work can lead to high expenses. The use of this particular technology can cut everything down and save your money.

Serve According to Audience Choices

To keep the audience satisfied and maintain a reputation in the podcast industry, you have to fulfill their requirements. It can be possible by serving the audience in the manner they want. Mainly the audience loves to hear the voice of their favorite artists or celebrities only. With this revolutionary technology, you can serve that without an issue.

Dark Side of Voice Cloning

As we know, all good things have a dark side. It does not mean, you can ignore its positive side and related benefits. Similarly, AI voice cloning also has a dark face. According to an online source, some individuals used AI voice cloning technology for scamming someone.

To achieve such a wrong objective, some hackers used the software to clone voices and call an individual as the CEO of his company. Here, they tried to trick the employee with the voice of his CEO and asked to transfer some funds. They succeeded when the employee transferred $243,000 in reality. You cannot deny the fact, anyone can use such an impressive technology that can clone any voice.

In such a case, you cannot blame the technology only. Here, you can see the carelessness of that employee as well. He has to verify the bank account and call from the unknown number. The main fact is, no one can send money just by believing in a voice.

Due to such a thing, you cannot ignore the advantages of using AI voice cloning technology for podcasting. It appears like a helping hand and an effective solution for the podcasting industry.


All the above-mentioned aspects can introduce you to the fact, how podcasts can leverage AI cloning. It simply strengthens the podcast industry and increases its area of marketing, advertising, and other tasks. According to some reports, in the year 2017, the revenue of the podcast advertising industry reached $220 million.

Till then, the industry is growing rapidly and everyone is aware of its benefits. Some advertisers are considering it as a big part of their marketing and advertising strategy. As a result, they are willing to pay $30 cost per mile or more of an advertisement.

It provides complete clarity regarding the fact, the podcast is one of the important promotional tools or techniques. Previously, we also discussed some estimations about the popularity of podcasts in the upcoming years. Here, AI voice cloning helps by simplifying the procedures of creating audible content by eliminating various editing difficulties. It will boost the overall development of the podcast industry and its efficiency.

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