Let’s talk about how you can build your own backlinks, before deciding to rely on link building services. In “Focusing on the content or on building links?”, it is stated that , the backlinks,  “will show search engines how useful your content is and how you can help people with the information you have to offer”. It’s always a good idea to see for yourself what this process implies before you look for an agency that can do it for you. This way, you know what to ask the team during the research process.

Here Are 10 Strategies That Will Aid Your Link Building Efforts in 2020

1. Perform an SEO audit on your website so that you know where you stand, before you put in any resources or effort.

Finding how many backlinks are currently related to your website, which of them are from authoritative websites and which of them may be harming your ranking will give you an overall perspective of the adjustments that need to be made. There may be some “no follow” tags that need to be put in place and so on. You will learn just how much effort you need to put into link building practices for your website this year.

2. Take a look at your competitor’s approach and mimic their link building tactics

It is important to understand that succeeding is not achieved only by reinventing the wheel. You don’t need to do anything like this. Instead, you could check out your competitors’ SEO approach and learn from their success and mistakes. Surely, there are areas where they could improve their strategy. Use this information to your own advantage, while recreating the tactics that worked for them. According to, “keeping an eye on competitor keyword growth will help you spot potential threats before they become losses”.

3. Consider guest blogging

Before you start trying to connect with blog owners to see if they would be willing to publish your content, it would be recommended that you don’t take any action without having a specific goal in mind. According to, “when you understand the audience that you’re writing for, it’s a lot easier to create the content that will earn you links from that audience”.

4. Don’t forget about social media

The ability of social networks to make content go viral is what you should aim for. But, seeing as you might never know when you will get your lucky break on this specific online channel, you can just put in the effort and become active on social media. Share content, text and links that lead your website. Social media users are more likely to share it to their followers and so on. This is a great way of exposing your website as well as your brand to more online users.

5. Any resource links you share with your visitors should be from trusted websites

You can build a list of the top blog or companies that offer a specific type of information or product or service. The key here is to ensure that you build a larger list of resources than the ones that are currently found on the same topic. This is how you will be able to get more backlinks. Also, an alternative is to find a good and reliable link building services provider with a proven track and great results.

6. Rely on the broken link tactic

It’s so easy to connect with a website or blog owner where your content would fit perfectly. There is nothing wrong with telling them about the broken link and offering to provide your own content for said page. As long as what you are providing is of great quality, they will most likely not say no. At the same time, this technique usually works because bloggers and site owners are usually incredibly busy and wouldn’t mind some free content.

7. Don’t forget to keep track of your current backlinks

If you don’t know where you stand, you can’t make the right decisions going forward. How will you know when to stop with your link building efforts? It is best not to rely on the fact that you have checked the status of your backlinks once and you are certain that you have close to 1000 of them. Maybe when you look again, you realize that the number has dropped.

8. Social mentions are very useful when it comes to reclaiming links

You can easily monitor your brand by relying on something like Google Alerts. To ensure maximum results, the best approach would be to take advantage of name drops and even 404 broken link pages.

9. Consider creating pillar content instead of blogging constantly

Seeing as there is so much content available online, when you post too much of it, you might tend to overwhelm your subscribers with too much information. To achieve the desired results, the smartest approach would be to go for a few pieces of content that simply include all of the details that are associated with a specific topic.

10. Opt for an SEO audit at least 3-4 times per year to ensure that your link building efforts are on track

This is something that you need to do regularly so that you do not end up realizing that you are focusing on the wrong aspect of the search engine optimization process. There might be issues that you are missing and that need to be fixed as soon as possible. The only way you can do that is if you stay on top of what is happening with your website, ranking and backlinks.


If, at some point, you feel a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of an SEO audit and all of the adjustments that usually follow, you can always find an SEO agency that can help with link building services. This is how you can be certain that you don’t only free up resources, but the results are the ones you are expecting. It’s interesting that some of these providers don’t just help with your own SEO, but can even handle this aspect for your clients as well, especially if you are running a digital agency. If that is not the case, you can rely on their expertise for the reassurance that your rankings will help you meet your goals.

Ph.D. Ion G. Tudorache is the co-founder Gamit, a professional online marketing agency. Comprehensive analysis, content writing services, full SEO audit, rank tracking, and tailored SEO proposal are part of the complete portfolio of SEO services covered by the agency.

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