Google is the mother of all search engines today. And given that Google is the number one search engine that helps consumers find appropriate products and services, your business must be on Google ads.

But what happens if you are a local business? Google will not disappoint you. Did you know that a staggering 90% of customers use the internet to locate a local business? Do you now understand the need to hire Google AdWords experts?

So if you want to be discovered, you need to be in the right place at the right time! Advertising on Google can help you grow your reach, find new clients, and expand your business.

So make Google Ads a priority to get your business in the spotlight!

Write High-Performing Ad Copies

Naturally, the very first item to nail would be your Google Ads copy. An effective ad copy will compel the customer to click your ad and make a purchase. However, writing a Google Ad copy can be rather frustrating.

It involves using creativity in brevity, while also standing out from your competitors. Here are a few quick tips that may help:

  • Reflect the consumer’s ultimate goal that they wish to achieve through your product or service.
  • Use dynamic ad features and/or countdown elements to your ads.
  • Personalize your ad copies through words like “you.”
  • Incorporate keywords within your copy and landing pages.
  • Most importantly, do not forget to include a call to action.


As one can see, there is a lot going on while writing your Google ads copy. So it can be rather overwhelming to strike the perfect balance. Hence, for best results, you can hire Google AdWords experts that will hit all the right notes with a killer ad copy.

Highlight Call Extensions in Contact Info of Ads

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Consider that you are looking for a home renovator and search for “home renovators near me.” Naturally, you will be presented with ads and suggestions of service providers. There is one copy that gives an overview of the services along with the contact information. At the same time, the other advertisement is vague and merely states “the best home renovator.” Which one would you choose?

As a consumer, you are looking for a quick solution rather than browsing through websites. So if an ad copy is missing crucial details, you may consider the lead as good as gone. Contact information, especially phone number, is one of the key elements that any storefront should contain. It makes it easier for the client to reach out to you, more so if they are searching for you on their mobile phones.


Thus, add call-only campaigns to your Google ads and highlight these call extensions to attract the client’s attention. Further, include your business address and other relevant extensions to make it easier for your client to find and get in touch with you.

Ensure That Your Location Targeting is Accurate

While it may be common sense to calibrate your ad targeting for local outreach, it is surprisingly easy to overlook this facility. Considering that a client may not travel several miles to make their purchase from you, geotargeting is even more important for businesses that are operating from a brick and mortar outlet.

First, start by using location-specific keywords in your ad copy. Next, include the neighboring areas and landmarks to ensure that you are also catching ahold of the clients residing in the surrounding areas. If you wish to make your ad targeting more gritty, you could check out the “advanced” settings of Google AdWords to determine the perfect radius for capturing your audience.


Better yet, you can hire Google AdWords experts who have a keen knowledge of how businesses can follow a granular approach while targeting specific areas.

Remove Negative Keywords

As a local business, you may already be strapped for cash while defining your advertising budgets. Therefore, you need to make each word count!

As a result, you may want to exclude the visitors who have made use of negative keywords to clarify that they are not looking to purchase any goods or services. Naturally, you would not want to spend your budget on non-paying customers!


When you consider searches like “XYZ phone review” or “free laptop repairing tips” or “Jobs at grocery stores near me,” it is apparent that the user is not looking for your services (or at least to pay for them). Hence, while you may focus on positive keywords such as “laptop repairing services” or “grocery stores near me,” you should also define the negative keywords to weed out those in the research stages.

A few common negative keywords include:

  • Job
  • Hiring
  • How to/How do I
  • Torrent
  • Career
  • Work
  • Rating
  • Review

When you define such negative keywords, your ad copy will not display for such searches, which will optimize your advertising campaign.

Measure and Monitor the Ad Performance

Unless you hire Google AdWords experts, running Google ads campaigns can be a hit or a miss. For this very reason, make it a habit to measure the performance of your ad.

Fortunately, Google AdWords offers accurate metrics on what is working (and what isn’t) by highlighting the keyword performance, changes that accelerated or tanked your ranking, click-through-rates, and a lot more. Therefore, it would only be wise to utilize these reports to the maximum.


Primarily, keep a wary eye on your ad status, the click-through-rate, and the average cost-per-click to get a holistic overview of how well or poorly the Google ad performs. Using these inputs, you can analyze the cause and effects to identify the keywords that are worth your money and drop the underperforming ones. Similarly, make use of dynamic elements to exploit the ongoing trends.


While Google ads may appear complicated, the potential benefits that it grants are rather impressive. Hire Google AdWords experts if you wish to focus on your core business processes rather than getting entangled in all the complexities. Further, having a team of professionals on your side will help you make optimum use of your advertising budget while raking in a handsome ROI.

Sheryl Jones is the Sr. Marketing Specialist at Uplers who has a great experience in designing well-defined user journeys across the digital marketing domain. She leverages her digital marketing expertise to help businesses draw significant ROIs.

Photo courtesy Google.