make money

By Sebastian White

Many people are looking for ways and means to make money out of their online blogs. The processes and procedures are simple once you know them. When it comes to your online blog, you must ensure that you have at least ten or more posts that are relevant to your subject niche. This will help you start to earn money from blogging. The following are the effective ways via which you can make money from blogging-

  1. Contextual ads – You may sign up for websites like Chitika, Kontera and Google Adsense for adding marketing links to your blog. Readers click on the link to look at, view ads or buy a product or service from the sponsor. Google gives you a percentage of the revenue generated from the sale. For this you would need to apply to Google Adsense and wait for an approval. Once you have been accepted the next step is to work with your own blog where the code is embedded so that the ads are displayed. This is not as difficult as it seems. Here, you will need to follow the terms of service for maintaining a positive standing with Google- it is understood that you should click on your own links.
  2. Selling advertising space – When you are looking for how to make money from a blog, you can opt for selling advertising space. You can sell advertising spots of the blog you have created to companies. Once you receive steady traffic and get popularity you may approach different companies. You can offer them advertising space on your blog for a price every month. This kind of advertising differs from program to program like Google Adsense. Google will only pay the portion of the revenue when someone clicks on the links. Selling advertisements gives you revenue every month. There are a number of paid blog networks you may join and make money by writing for other bloggers and promoting their services or products on your blog. Some blog sites will give you a good fee for writing advertisements and linking them to your blog. If they accept your post, you will be paid the amount. The names of these websites are Blogvertise, Payperpost, Blogtive and more. They will give you these services once your blog has been indexed on Google and other search engines.
  3. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing also gives you a good scope to earn consistent revenue from your blog. Affiliate marketing is a performance based process where the affiliates of the product is paid when a customer buys the product. You can be an affiliate after you search the web and find a high quality product creator. You need to post the link to the product on your blog. Every time someone clicks on the affiliate link you are given a percentage or a commission of the sale. You can join affiliate programs like Amazon and Chikita Mini Mails. With this you can also build a prospect or customer list. This will provide you an avenue to keep in touch with customers when you give them additional products or services.

Therefore, with the above 3 effective ways you can make money from your blog online.

Sebastian White is an expert blogger and digital marketer. Many people come to him on a regular basis to learn how to make money from a blog and bring consistent revenue to their businesses.