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By Emma Sturgis

Every marketing team knows that it takes a push to get to the sales goals. However, with a tight budget, it can be daunting to strategize on the best ways to market a small business. It is unfortunate that marketing does not come naturally for many business owners. Most of them lurch from one idea to another unsuccessfully because they lack proper tactics. To avoid this, here are low-cost techniques to improve your marketing strategy.

Find your Target

This is the most critical part of any marketing campaign. If you are looking for a high impact campaign on a low budget, be sure to get customers who are easy to identify and affordable to reach. Look out for small niche markets that your company could benefit from contacting. Reaching out to all possible clients may be ineffective due to higher marketing costs. Instead, leverage your current relationships and focus on what your company can realistically handle with cold outreach. The people you already know should be your best advocates. As you create trust and credibility, more relationships will develop.

Focus on Online Marketing

Today most business can have a fairly inexpensive virtual storefront. This allows you to build relationships with prospective clients and maintain relationships with current clients. You can establish a home page at relatively low costs to reach your audience. It is advisable to include basic details such as your email address and your phone number. Ensure that your blog, website, and other social media platforms contain high-quality content and graphics. Social media is a great networking platform to engage with customers and will keep you on a competitive edge. If you are not comfortable with online marketing or don’t have the time, consider hiring a content marketing agency to help you get started.

Focus on E-mail Marketing

This is one of the most flexible, easy to measure, and cost-effective ways of marketing. Through it, you can easily drive traffic to your site and stay in constant touch with both your loyal and prospective customers. Send your established group a direct mail. This will be fully dependent on the amount you are willing to spend on delivering quality services. There are firms qualified to carry out direct mailings. Therefore, look for a reliable and affordable firm to do the work for you. This form of marketing should be used to share publicity success or announce the arrival of new products. Always ensure that the message sent reflects your brand, carries your objective, is valuable, and appropriate for your contacts. Don’t be afraid to do your research for new outreach marketing ideas to incorporate into your business strategy.

If you are eager to extend your client base on a low-budget, marketing is the surest way to achieving this goal. In fact, it becomes financially riskier not to market yourself. Your success highly depends on leveraging every article, published mentions, and press releases. With the discussed cost effective ideas, you can increase your revenue.

Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer based in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and small business. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2.