app development

By Pratik Kanada

Developers these days are ace and full of beans. They no longer follow the old, tried and tested stuff when it comes to app development. They always evolve and explore new tech, the latest one and generate agility in the app development. Well, seen from the developers part, no divergent ways to the fact that this is adorable but do users also feel the same? Users are the ultimate position and you can flog your app to them. There’s no point developing that’s not from the users perspective. Sit and look back, what your users have to say about the application. Was it convenient for them to use the app? Does it help them solve their trouble? Was it easy to get in touch with them and get their review?

For an app development companies, providing the excellent CX is pre-requisite. And for that measuring the satisfaction level and tweaking your developing process accordingly brings long term benefits. There are just 50% of the companies that interact with their users and only 34% of them review the statistics on regular intervals. Well, if you are not among this 34% then let’s stroll how you are going to do it.

1) Net promoter score

NPS is a simple index that measures in what manner your customers would suggest your app to their known ones. Well, you always say spread the word but do you take note of whether they do or not and if yes then to what extent and if not why not? It is suggested to conduct an NPS survey every quarter so that you can keep a track on incline or decline of your app popularizing. Users are for sure always short on time but this won’t take too much time. In fact, in just friction of seconds, users can rate you from a range of 1 to 10, how much they would like to suggest your app to your friends. If you are a developer of a B2C app then you should probably install NPS survey as a pop up on the home screen of your app when the user logs in. If it’s for a B2B app then it is recommended to send an email to your regular users.

2) Abandon rate

One of the ways to measure customer experience is through working on the app abandon rate. This is to know how many users abandon the mobile app within a given time frame. For B2C apps, it is suggested to undergo this measurement within a quarter and when it is about B2B app then it is suggested to go for annual measurement of the same. Now, this is not just for the users, this is also something you should be measuring for your clients. There are clients who get back to you for the app updates or even with a new app development. On a contrary, there are clients who don’t return to you. Keep a track on how many clients return and also who don’t. The one who don’t aren’t much satisfied with your app, ask them why and what you can do to fix it. If the abandon rate is stagnant or goes down, then you are on the right track. If it hypes over a period of time, then my friend there is something really wrong with your service or your apps performance. Get to the roots and eradicate the same.

3) Undercover customer

So, here it is very upfront, would you like to download your own developed app and like to keep it in your mobile device forever? You can be your own judge. This is what you expect from the audience but if you yourself cannot do it then my friend why would others do it. Be your undercover customer and test your own application. There are also agencies you can hire to give you feedback on how your app is and would customers adore it or show the way to the graveyard to it. Well, friends and relatives can also be the choice of undercover customers. Secret customers will scrutinize your app and entail you with their experience and point of improvement. Basically, they are the checklist you need to follow. How easy or difficult your app was to download? How easy or difficult it was to use your app? What are the challenges they faced while using your app? How easy it was for them to get in touch with you and share their issues? What kind of response did they get from your team? They are actually the predators of your app.

4) Analyze the app usage session

How much time a user actually uses your app in the entire and while they are using, how much time they are in it for an individual session is essential for your app. If the duration is really short, there is some issue you need to hunt and resolve or else the user will uninstall the app on the go.

5) Localize the app

Basically, this is much more related to the user demographics. This strategy is often adopted to improvise the iPhone or Android app development and attract more eye balls to the app. Determine your target audience and customize your app accordingly. When you know the country, city, gender, languages used of the audience of the app, you can localize the app and connect the users in a way that they don’t leave your app. As a user, you will never want to leave an app that gives you very specific information.

Pratik Kanada is the founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a leading Mobile app development company which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and app development services across IOS and Android platforms.