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By Khloe Hunter

2019 is here, and it brings with it a new set of innovations and trends. This year you will witness the mobile application development company drifting towards and adopting the latest trends. Some of these trends you might already be aware of, such as virtual reality or cloud driven mobile apps.

Despite all the technical advancements and the numerous mobile app development companies, Mobile Product Managers are still facing a hard time bridging the gap between developers and customers. That’s what we will discuss in this article. The new trends are on, but how will they benefit mobile product managers and how can they utilize these innovations to meet their needs? Read on to find out.

Here are some of the top trends that you will witness in 2019.

Augmented and virtual reality

Virtual and Augmented realities have opened a number of opportunities for online businesses. Virtual reality is the process of using computer technology to create a simulated environment. In Virtual reality, a user can have a hands-on experience of an environment by interacting with a 3D world.

Augmented reality employs computerized simulations in the real world environment. It’s the process of overlaying digital information of an object on to something that is being viewed.


With the help of Augmented and Virtual reality, customers can have an immersive experience with a product before purchasing it.

Suppose you have your clothing brand and you decide to create your app. If you’re able to get a virtual or augmented view of your clients, you will be able to provide the right clothing with exact measurements. Users can zoom into products and see the inner workings; they are better able to visualize the product in their surroundings. Augmented and Virtual reality will be able to render a real-world shopping experience, this will reduce the product returns and boost conversion rates.

This means that mobile product managers can utilize the power of augmented and virtual reality to reduce the gap between developers and customers. With an accurate insight into what a customer desires, a product manager will be able to deliver better and accurate mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Don’t get your hopes up, it’s not terminator and it’s definitely not the end of the world. The chatbots and the artificial intelligence that I’m referring to can’t fight and neither do have bodies. However, that doesn’t stop them from becoming our heros in the modern age.

Siri is one of the best examples of artificial intelligence. With the help of Artificial Intelligence Chatbots and Virtual assistants, mobile application development will be revolutionized. Artificial intelligence has made life easier for us; it helps us complete everyday tasks such as reading and writing messages, managing the schedule, creating to-do lists and much more. Businesses have already started incorporating AI to get more results. Online stores use the data collected by AI to personalize notifications, messages and product recommendations to the right people at the right time.

Mobile Application Development will benefit from artificial intelligence in the form of personal assistants and chatbots.

Mobile product managers can use the data collected by artificial intelligence to improve their business strategy, reach a greater audience, enhance personalization and develop products that will become popular and deliver exceptional results.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Studies have shown that people choose to use mobile devices more often as compared to desktop. This means that businesses and developers will have to start optimizing their apps and websites to match mobile devices. Google devised a strategy to ensure that any site accessed through Google will be optimized by stripping out all the unnecessary elements and reducing the load time of the web page. This is known as ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages.’

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is a smaller variant of HTML; it is designed to improve the performance and speed of a web page. AMP will be one of the most significant trends in mobile application development in 2019.

So what exactly does AMP have to offer mobile product managers?

One of the main objectives of product managers is to drive more customers and make sure that the app can deliver a good user experience. AMP will help improve the loading speed and enhance the usability of the apps, reduce the number of bounce rates, and secure base users.

Wearable app devices will be more common

Wearable devices have been trending for a while now. They are stylish and add to your personality. In 2019 mobile app developers will focus on developing apps for smartwatches and other wearable devices. These wearable apps will be capable of recording your workout information such as the distance that you’ve traveled, the number of calories that you’ve burnt, your heart rate, your cholesterol, blood sugar and much more. However, you can opt for any app that suits your needs. Here are some wearable apps that mobile product managers will find handy:

  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Evernote
  • BetterWorks

Product managers can utilize these apps to track and manage their daily workload and make sure that every product is launched on time.

On-demand apps will be in demand

Our smartphones have become magic wands for us, how else would be able to book a ride, fix the dinner, get the laundry, and hire a babysitter in just one hour. Mobile application development has become necessary for all types of businesses and
On-demand service apps are the antidote for our fast moving society. Industries from all across the world are embracing these apps to fulfill their business purposes, and they seem to be growing day by day. In 2019, on-demand apps will become more popular among companies as well as customers. By adopting these apps, mobile product managers will be able to leverage their business by enhancing the usability and experience for their customers.

Here are some benefits of on-demand apps for product managers:

  • Allow users to avail services within no time and improve the user experience.
  • Easily track and manage orders.
  • Ensure payment security
  • Provide and easy to use interface (this will improve usability)

Cloud-driven mobile apps on the rise

Cloud integration is going to be one of the hottest trends in 2019. With the advancement of time, developers are finally starting to realize the importance of cloud-integrated apps.

There is a limitation of the number of apps that a user can install because of the phone storage restraints. When the phone memory runs out, users are unable to install more apps. With cloud integration, users will be able to install more apps by backing up the app data in the cloud and they will able to access their personal and professional information from anywhere and anytime.


Mobile applications have become an essential part of our daily life; we complete most of our daily work using mobile apps. Ordering food, booking a ride, shopping or transferring money, mobile apps have made life more comfortable.

Users want apps that are more efficient and highly responsive. The app development trends adopted in 2019 will aim to deliver efficiency and add value.

Whether you’re a one-person team or have an organization for mobile application development, prepare yourself to adopt these trends. You don’t have to follow all the trends, choose the one that aligns closely to your business needs, it will render excellent results.

Khloe Hunter is a Digital Marketing Executive for Appverticals . Her expert writing skills, enable her to convert complex information, into content that anyone can read. Her technical educational background, combined with a know-how of content marketing, gives her an edge over others in a variety of blog posts.

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