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By Alex Jone

Selection of a suitable theme is important for the WordPress website development. There are a plethora of themes to choose from. Some are paid and others are unpaid. You need to be careful while making the choice of the theme. All themes may not be suitable for you. Each one of them is appealing to a different market altogether. The theme chosen should be complementing to the web content. There are numerous options for the customization of the themes also through custom WordPress development. Some themes have a great appearance but render the sites slower. This may make a site to rank lower. It is very important to select the correct theme for your website.

Here are some ideas about WordPress themes before you engage a WordPress design and development services company for the web creations.

  • Select simple themes: It is the safest option to select a simple theme. If the theme is too flashy and complex, it may become confusing for the users. It will lose its importance if the user gets confused and is unable to find the desired information. The theme should possess a layout that would possess a layout that would help you achieve your business goals. If it is unable to do so, it becomes a redundant theme. Tell your WordPress development services agency to select a simple theme.
  • Go for a responsive theme: Now it has become mandatory to go for themes that are responsive in nature. People access the internet through the mobiles more than the conventional computer sets. A responsive theme will allow a person to access your site through any device. Before selecting your theme, check to see whether it is compatible with the mobiles. Ask your WordPress development company to select a responsible theme which will adjust the layout to the varying screen sizes.
  • Compatibility with the browser: The WordPress website development company you engage must test the running of the theme on the different browsers available. The WordPress development companies should test the compatibility of different browsers on the mobiles also. This compatibility test should be done during the WordPress site development to ensure that maximum numbers of people are able to access the site irrespective of the browser they are using.
  • Plugin supports: Ask your WordPress website development services agency to find out the availability of plugins. Some of them which are the popular ones should be essentially present. These plugins are the real source of doing multiple things with the WordPress site. The most used plugins should be supported by your theme.
  • Should support translation and multilingual use: Many sites get created that are not in English. They are made in many other languages. The theme should support multiple languages to make this happen. If you would like to create versions of your site in other languages, tell your WordPress development agency to see whether the theme supports translation into other languages. To cater to a larger mass of people, the theme must support multiple languages.
  • Page Builders: Your WordPress application development should consider the presence of page builders. They are nothing but plugins employed for dragging and dropping purposes. Most of the top grade themes have these page builders installed from before. You must check whether the most popular page builders are present. Page builders can also be purchased along with the themes if required.
  • Presence of support options: When you use the services of a WordPress design and development company, you should check out whether the theme that has been chosen offers support options. There are some of the themes offering support options and some others do not provide any kind of support. Be sure of this, otherwise, you have to pay every time you need help.
  • SEO Compatibility: When you get your custom WordPress development done, ask your agency to go for a theme that is SEO compatible. The site that is created will only make sense to your business if it is accessed by a large number of people. This is possible only when it has high visibility on the search engines of the internet. It should be able to generate proper HTML code.
  • Ratings & Reviews: Try to get an idea of the theme through the ratings provided by the customers. You can click the star marks to see the different reviews that are present against each star rating. The reviews will give you a fair idea about the themes. Do not be swayed by a few negative points. If the bad reviews are too much, you may ask your custom WordPress development company to avoid that particular theme.

Follow the above guidelines to get the most suitable themes for your website. A correct choice of theme will make your website more acceptable to the users.

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