Susan Curtis and daughter Shannon Spinney certainly know how to make the most of their educations; book-smarts and street-smarts combined. Susan owned three tax consulting franchises throughout the Greater Nashville market in 2001. In 2014 the franchisor initiated a “buyback program” and Susan took advantage of it. Susan’s daughter, Shannon Spinney, was a college student majoring in business management at that time. Both huge animal lovers, they felt that one day an opportunity would present itself to open and run a business together that involved animals.

Although Susan considered herself retired, she decided it was time to find that dream business. After much research and due diligence, the Mother-Daughter team found Pet Butler, a Plainfield, IL franchisor that provides pet waste removal and other pet related services to homes and multi-family communities. Pet Butler is a national organization providing pet waste removal and other pet related services. There are currently more than 30 franchisees located in 26 states with long term plans to open 60 more within the next 5 years. Pet Butler provides an opportunity for pet lovers to turn their passion for pets into a business Susan and Shannon signed up in late 2019 and launched their Pet Butler of Franklin, TN in January of 2020.

“When my daughter was younger, she always wanted her own business”, said Susan. “Shannon sold homemade cookies and lemonade during many summers. As a teen, she was always coming up with ideas for a business and for ways to draw upon my work experience, which she grew up watching. Now that we are doing it, the best part of it is spending time together and sharing ideas and tackling daily challenges for our day-to-day operations. We spilt up the tasks for the day and take on whatever last-minute challenges that come to us. It is wonderful being able to work together.”

Shannon agrees. “I was always dreaming up businesses as a teen, usually animal related. It’s been so great operating Pet Butler here in Nashville and seeing our dream come to fruition. We also enjoy each other’s company and task handling skills. We were always close, but this has drawn us even closer.”

85 million U.S. families, or 67 percent of households, own a pet, according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). In the U.S., pets include 90 million dogs and 94 million cats. According to Petpedia, the U.S. pet industry reached $99 billion in 2020 up $1.5 billion from 2019!

So promising is the huge growth in pet services that Pet Butler is offering a Stimulus Plan to further that growth by providing an attractive business opportunity.

“Our limited-time Stimulus Plan has been designed to help qualified Pet Industry Business Owners achieve success by offering additional services their customers need. With our forgivable Microloan incentive, they can reach their goals even faster,” said James Young, President of Pet Butler LLC.

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