Nap-preneurs Help Stressed-Out Consumers Catch Some ZZZs

Nap time! Who would think napping would equate to a small business opportunity? But that’s exactly what’s going on. A new report from JWTIntelligence says napping is one of the hottest “well-being” trends.

By Rieva Lesonsky

Eric Barker, a science writer says, naps can “restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents.”  (If you’re a napper—I’m not—you can follow his advice here.)

However, as JWTIntelligence (JWTI) points out, there’s a stigma about napping—some judge nappers as lazy and unproductive. But today, as wellness studios become “a thing,” many are incorporating nap stations. Further, JWTI says, “Nap retreats are now popping up in major cities, offering the always switched-on urban dweller an opportunity for some downtime.”

The JWTI report highlights Nap York, a wellness club that opened this past February in New York City. Nap York is open 24 hours, and features a café, yoga and meditation classes and a “tranquil floor, with seven custom-built nap pods where a 30-minute reboot costs $10.”

While this concept may not work everywhere, JWTI notes napping studios popping up in urban areas around the globe, such as Peace Power Napping in Chicago, Pop&Rest in London and Siesta&Go in Madrid.

And check out the EnergyPod, “the world’s first chair designed specifically for napping in the workplace,” from MetroNaps. While the EnergyPod can be found in wellness studios, some global companies (Samsung and P&G, for example) have installed them at the workplace to “encourage employees to literally sleep on the job.”

For more on well-being trends, download The Well Economy report from JWTI.