By Rieva Lesonsky

According to research and consulting firm The Hartman Group, not only are natural products still in, but the demand for them is increasing from consumers who want “value.” But don’t think of value in terms of bargains. The hartbeat Scribe reports that Hartman Retainer Services (HRS) identified five products they spotted at the 2015 Natural Products Expo West as delivering on the new value propositions of “quality, relevance and experience.”

Consumers’ beliefs, says the Scribe, “have transitioned to a more purposeful and emotional perspective on value that reflects an increasing desire for differentiated, higher-quality foods and beverages that cue discovery, health and wellness.”

If you want to join the “upstart food companies” in this industry, the key is to give consumers what they want: “products that are not only convenient but also in line with their health and wellness aspirations.”

HRS recommends keeping your eyes on these products:

Dahlicious Lassi: Think of a healthy smoothie in a bottle. Lassi is traditionally a yogurt-based beverage originating in India and Pakistan. This lassi “is made with grass-fed, non-homogenized, organic whole milk and a touch of sugar.”

Seeds are quite popular right now, and the HRS researchers “spotted a number of nutrient-dense seed-based products at the show.” The key, apparently, is offering  “culinary-forward and global flavors” and not adding sugar to the end product.

Snack packs offer the ultimate convenience. Instead of the kind you typically find in the grocery store aisle, HRS noted the one from Love Beets that contains beets, cheese and crackers.

tumericThe Scribe also predicts that turmeric, which has inflammation-fighting properties (they highlight the drinks from Temple Turmeric), and olives from Oloves will be on consumers’ shopping lists.

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Photos courtesy: Oloves and Temple Turmeric