2020 is a year when several technologies for businesses should come to the forefront. Ideally, tech for your business should save you time or money. Perhaps it will allow your employees to work better as a team, or maybe it will let you get a better percentage of the market share over your competitors.

What are Business Technologies Most Worth Investing In for 2020?

Which technologies get your attention in 2020 is going to depend largely on what you manufacture and what you prioritize. However, there are certain areas where the tech is probably going to help you regardless of your niche. Hence, in this article, we will discuss the most promising innovations powerful for business growth and probably leading for the upcoming years.

AI, MI, and Big Data

The combining of the SaaS business model with AI services should help bring AI to the masses without a hefty price tag. Advances in AI are racing ahead in some areas and lagging in others, such as speech recognition. However, there are already some AI provider platforms offering services such as processing-intensive GPU workloads. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other prominent players already offer machine-learning solutions and training materials.

You can see this tech when it comes to facial recognition, effective computing, speech commands, and also with the advent of chatbots for businesses. Company heads are relying on this tech to provide solutions for several different processes including accounting, data management, email marketing campaigns, and customer service.

One example of using AI for business would be voice and image search and chatbots on company websites. It seems evident that more small business owners are going to pivot toward using technologies that make their websites more appealing to their target markets. The user-friendly content is a must, and AI-driven chatbots that solve everyday problems is only one of the solutions that have emerged.

Mobile is Still a Trend

The latest technology in engineering often has to do with mobile applications. Mobile commerce has gradually become more prevalent in our lives. Just imagine the next number under Statista data that mobile retail e-commerce sales reached over $207B in the United States for 2018 and it is going to scale up. Hence, care about making your web store into intuitive shop apps or mobile-friendly website.

Mobile payments would be one area where you see this sort of tech. It gives you the ability to pay for products in brick-and-mortar locations with Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Mobile marketing is another example of this tech in action. Companies have started leveraging in-store mobile marketing to meet consumer demands.

Collaboration Tools that Improve Workplace Communications

There is an obvious tendency that the remote teams’ number will grow for the next years. Thus, technologies for collaboration become one more the newest trend.  Such tools connect in-house staff with contractors across the globe, resulting in increased productivity.

Gensler’s U.S. Workplace Survey reports that 43% of respondents consider the “best workplace” as one that promotes team building and collaboration. This makes it clear that insular departments and communication gaps are not an option in 2020.

Instead, small business owners must develop strategies based on how their staff interacts and what their pain points are. They must find ways to easily deliver data that is relevant to all parties involved.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology allows your business to thrive. Bringing it into your offices allows you to implement powerful growth strategies that are proven to work.

The real benefit of the cloud is that you can manage your business operations from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Using cloud technology eases your day-to-day operations. It reduces overhead costs, increases productivity, and boosts mobility.

It’s also the best backup and security tool for filing purposes. For instance, if you use the cloud and you misplace your laptop, you can still access your data and files.

Additionally, with cloud computing, the servers are off the premises. That means your supplier is responsible for managing them and making software upgrades.


Analytics plays an increasingly critical role in the growth and measurement of companies across the world. Not only can they indicate to you if you’re successful in your niche, but they can help you to predict where the markets will move next.

With cloud computing, IoT, and big data growth, data analysis is becoming murky and convoluted. Analytics tools that use machine learning will be needed more than is currently the case.  They will be the most logical way to make sense of the data, identify issues, and recommend action.

For disruptive technology, 2020 should be a huge year. Hence, you need to start to think about these innovations right now. Choose one or several that will serve you best, apply it for your business, test and optimize and you see those tech investments are best you can do for your company growth.

Slava Vaniukov, Co-Founder and CEO at Softermii, has over 9-years of experience in the web and mobile development industry as a Software Architect. After getting extensive experience as a Senior Tech Lead and Mentor with the focus on MVP development and UX/UI design, Slava joined forces with like-minded professionals to start own company. Besides that, he is one of the authors at the Softermii blog and tech blogger featured at a wide range of other web resources.

New technologies stock photo by Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock