By Harris Scott

If you ever find Instagram in the number one position under social media bracket, then don’t be scared. It is obvious; especially in the way it is reaching for the top rankings and outsmarting so many other channels down the road. IG has shot through the ranks on the social media sector quickly to become one of the major and top-notch tools for the savvy business runners out there. Thanks to the live video feature in the Instagram stories and also capability to shop stores directly with the current product tag stickers, it has become one platform for retailers to connect well with the followers and end up selling their items. The matter of fact is Instagram has reported 8 million IG business users, if you check the survey in 2017.

Right at your service

All the tools for your successful businesses are always right at fingertips when they have allotted one IG business source over here. The marketing-based strategies might be the dream of your day, whenever you are eyeing to focus more towards IG stories and posting on them. These posts are designed to attract so many comments, likes and even ending up making some purchases.

But, drawing some followers towards your business page n IG is no doubt a struggle. As the members of the certain niche of an industry come handy with photogenic and tangible products, you might pose to win. But the marketing team might not always be able to create a meaningful following, which can lead to a complete massacre in the end. During such instances, it will take one proper perspective change in marketing team to rethink the ways in which you can organize the marketing session and get to photograph the content well.

IG feed working its way out in a completely new way

You have the right to just add on as many branded hash tags as you are looking for, in association with the posts around here. You can always pay well for the advertising, make sure to time the posts in a careful manner and then create contests. You can then reply to the comment in effort to just boost engagement. In case, these practices are what you are handling as of now, you might end up with a lag in number of followers and also focusing on the sales then.

  • There is a missing step to this notion for sure. It turns out that the missing step was the actual content associated with the IG platform. It is not that enough to jus post what pictures you have near hand. On its place, you have to curate the feed, which is also quite essential.
  • Curating might sound like one term which is used by the IG influencers, willing to take lot of pictures in the white space with the succulents. Even though it is an effective part of branding, that is not where the IG curating will either start or stop.
  • On its place, you are asked to think about the IG feed as your top level magazine, and adding to it will be a valuable section of the editorial content.
  • You can easily stop thinking IG as part of the business plan and start working on it as magazine editors and graphic designers, to get the best out of this source. It can help in soaring the engagement high.

Color experiences might always make the brand well recognizable

The business branding helps in carrying various elements, which can make it widely recognizable to the world. The shape, color and nuances of every font, logo, and palette and web design can become signature as you get to enjoy some success. Good branding always means that the elements are visible in some way or the other. It can also work on the IG feed as well.

  • Now the main question is how you can always carry branding right into IG. This does not mean slapping logo in corner of every IG story or post.
  • Just to help make the company work on a lasting impression and subconscious impression, the approach needs to be a subtler.
  • As an example, you can start working on the professional editing app for adding some gentle tints of red and blue to content before posting. This can work in line with logo, making each image recognizable for the followers.
  • With just minimum effort from your side, you can easily create one signature look to feed just using colors. It will help in working your contents stand out in the crowd and dealing with brand identifiable.

Start off with the big plan

There are multiple hang-ups in the IG feed, which you can fix without even realizing it on the first place. Without looking at IG feeds for the customers, you can start fixating n details in every post you have to advertise. Now you must be wondering; why it is not working. Whenever you are visiting one IG page that you are thoroughly interested in, do you always work on the view option that will help you to check out post individually or check on the collected posts as a whole?

  • IG pages are designed to display the content automatically in several rows of three. It means if you get to spend extra time in making post nice, but fail to pay attention in ways your posts will look, then your efforts will go down the drain.
  • Once you realize that, you have to shift the notion on ways you can plan the content. For that, trying to use layout app like Preview can help you to shift through IG posts and check on what everything will look while placed together.
  • It helps in creating one beautiful and aesthetically pleasing feed for you to try.

You are always requested to head towards experts, who have already worked on the IG business feed and happy with the thorough results involved.

Harris Scott is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. He also reviews innovative sites like that help new businesses for a better reach on Instagram.

Instagram stock photo by Ink Drop/Shutterstock