By Rieva Lesonsky


As entrepreneurs you know your work is never done. And while it may be easy to connect with clients when you’re sitting in your office, what if you’re on the road? Or sitting at your kid’s soccer game? Or at dinner with another client—or even your family?

Thanks to the new Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0, which was just released last week, you’re never far from the information you need to help you make the sale or close the deal.

Nimble is already a leading social sales and marketing customer relationship marketing (CRM) program for small businesses, which “unifies your mobile, cloud-based and desktop records into one comprehensive relationship manager” that also includes the history of your prior conversations and offers social context.

With this mobile app (available now on iOS, and this spring for Android devices), Jon Ferrara, Nimble’s CEO, wanted to create a way to cut through the clutter of everyday business tasks (stacks of business cards, streams of emails, incomplete contacts added to your current system and overloaded social media platforms) to better enable you or your salespeople to “understand [potential clients’] needs and deliver expedient, relevant responses.”

Ferrara, a pioneer of the CRM industry (he founded GoldMine, a CRM software program in 1989), says they “designed Nimble Mobile as your personal CRM that you can take with you everywhere you work, so you’re better prepared to manage personal business relationships at scale and take appropriate steps to evolve opportunities to help you grow.”

Nimble itself is an amazing tool, that gives your deeper insight—and intel into your contacts and those you want to form relationships with. Nimble Mobile, which works with Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite, is feature rich. Users get:

  • Access to “detailed dossiers,” which include, social insights about clients (potential and current), culled from your email, calendar, contacts and social apps (I love the way Nimble works with Twitter). Contact data sources include more than 100+ cloud-based business apps and social platforms.
  • The ability to instantly scan business cards and create a CRM record.
  • Work on the go. “Using the iOS Share Menu within mobile apps or browser, users can tap on Nimble to discover people’s social profiles, areas of influence, job title, company description and work experience.”
  • Everything syncs. You can review your history with the contact, because every email conversation, calendar activity and social interaction (whether they interacted with your or a member of your team) is automatically (or “automagically” as Ferrara likes to say) synched.
  • Save time by taking advantage of templated emails and pre-set attachments. You can also enable message tracking to monitor engagement.
  • Increase efficiency by managing sales in multiple pipelines. You can use mobile voice commands, assign tasks and schedule reminders.


If you already have a Nimble business account, adding Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0 is free—just download it from the App Store or Google Play store. If you don’t have a Nimble business account, look into signing up—it’s that helpful.

You can learn more by watching this video.