When your office computer goes kablooey, who do you depend on to make it all right again? Maybe you’re lucky enough to have an office IT staff/person to tackle your computer disasters, but if you’re like many home-based business owners, small business owners or self-employed people, you probably have to figure out solutions to your computer issues on your own.

Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have anointed one person as the go-to person when computers go awry. It is these unsung everyday office heroes who, without formal training, added salary or title, shed their normal job responsibilities to come to the aid of colleagues that are stricken with office computer chaos.

You might know this person as Bill, Brenda, Julie or Jimmy, but Crucial.com likes to call this unselfish individual the Official Unofficial Office Computer Go-To Superstar.
Remarkably unfazed by unrelenting blue screens of death, spinning beach balls and hourglasses, vanishing computer files, system crashes, unprintable documents, frozen displays, and other regular office computer mishaps, it is these everyday heroes that keep their co-workers on the right side of sanity.

Now Crucial.com is giving your small business a chance to honor your office superstar. Go to CrucialSuperstar.com  to nominate your small business’s computer hero for a chance to win cash and prizes in addition to the title of “America’s Official Unofficial Office Computer Go-To Superstar.” The deadline to nominate your superstar is April 15, 2013; the winner will be announced on May 1, 2013.