Recently, Rieva Lesonsky wrote on the SCORE Women’s Success Blog about women entrepreneurs  balancing motherhood and business. This inspired John Sternal (at left), co-founder of Sternal Consulting and, to share his thoughts as an entrepreneur and new dad in today’s guest post.

It’s difficult enough becoming a new dad, since we often feel completely out of touch and lost in a forest of diapers and crying. Whether we like it or not, mom has more of an intuitive way of coping with parenthood on Day 1, and she’s been bonding with the child for the last nine months. Couple this with being an entrepreneur, and all of a sudden you can feel like you’re more lost than ever.

Your baby must crawl before he/she can walk, and the same goes for you as a new dad. As an entrepreneur and new dad, I’ve got some tips for others walking in my shoes or about to embark on the same journey.

1) Priorities have changed: Whether you like it or not, your priorities have changed. I used to wake up early each morning charting the day’s course for my blog and preparing for the #smbiz small business Twitter chat. Now I change diapers and get food for mom. Don’t fight it. Learn to integrate your new schedule with your old schedule.

2) Find time for rest: Now more than eve,r it’s time to be a team with your spouse. Work out a schedule that allows both of you to get rest so you can still be productive during the day.

3) Speaking of your day: While few entrepreneurs live a 9-5 schedule, your existing schedule will change. Learn to adapt and find new hours where you can get work done – even if it’s at 3 a.m.

4) Relax: Most importantly, understand that there are going to be times when you are overwhelmed. Know that you aren’t the first dad to go through this and you won’t be the last. Over time it will get just a little bit easier.

What’s your life been like since becoming a new dad? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.