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By Emma Sturgis

There are hundreds of millions of active online businesses that you’ll have to compete with. If you’re offering services online or you’re selling consumer goods via an eCommerce store, you have to find a way to stick out as a needle in an extremely large global-scaled haystack. Here are 4 options to consider that will set your online business apart:

Get Influencers to Do Online Reviews on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing platforms that you can use as a business and one of the most entertaining platforms you can log into as a web surfer. If you’re searching for the best humidifier on the market or you’re trying to find the best chicken-fried steak recipe, you can turn to YouTube for loads of answers.

Some YouTubers have millions of viewers who subscribe to watch whatever videos they upload. Others are ranked high on search results so their videos come up with keywords. These YouTubers are influencers.

If you want powerful word-of-mouth marketing, partner with an influencer who will do an organic review of your product. When you’re choosing a YouTuber, make sure they embody your brand and really understand the product so it feels genuine.

Bump Your Visual Marketing Up a Notch

If you don’t want to make a video, you can make your company stand out on Facebook and other social media platforms by upgrading your imagery. It’s too easy to use stock photos that other companies are using. You need an eye-catching photo that will make an impact that demands users to pay closer attention. Shareable images are even better. You should keep the content short and to the point.

Offer a Surprise to Your Customers at Checkout

Now that shoppers have such easy access to finding a deal online, it’s not quite as exciting as it once was to shop in clearance racks. All online businesses try to price their products, especially consumer goods sold through multiple companies, competitively. One way to make online shopping more exciting is to offer a surprise gift with each purchase that exceeds a certain dollar amount. You don’t have to be the cheapest on the Internet if you get people wondering about the freebies they’ll get.

Make Every Type of Packaging an Opportunity to Market

It’s easy to order the generic marketing materials that have your business logo printed on it. This is one way to spend a minimal amount of money to promote your brand to several watching eyes. There is a more inventive way to market your brand without printing tons of key fobs that the customer won’t definitely use.

One option is to be less than subtle with your packaging. If you’re mailing a box, come up with an attention-grabbing stamp or slogan on the box that leaves people wanting to visit your website. If you’re shipping fragile posters, use a colorful mailing tube, like those at Chicago Mailing Tube Co., with your brand plastered across it. You should always use packaging as an opportunity to market.

Some marketing efforts are a lot more obvious than others. You don’t always have to be promotional to set your business above the rest. Most customers want to do business with a company that’s honest and keeps them engaged. Try these strategies out and see how your reputation skyrockets.

Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer based in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and small business. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2.