Setting up a website for your business is a must in 2020. You need somewhere to centralize your products or services. However, just owning a website isn’t enough to ensure success. You also need to hone your ability to convert site visitors into repeat customers. CRO agencies provide clients with the best CRO techniques to improve performance, and the results speak for themselves.

If you own an online business, CRO can’t be brushed to the side any longer. Here are our top 5 CRO techniques to boost your sales.

1. Make FOMO Your Best Friend

FOMO, otherwise known as the fear of missing out, is a powerful force in the digital world. It isn’t just related to missing out on social occasions anymore; FOMO can actually be used to boost sales in a significant way. 

You probably have already seen it happening, or you may have even fallen for it before. Sites like Amazon are notorious for it, but other businesses are quickly catching on. They attach notes like ‘Only 12 left in stock!’ beneath the product, or ‘Available for a limited time only!’ which encourages the reader to purchase one themselves.

You’ll probably also recognize it from telesales channels, where they frequently mention how fast the product they’re selling is disappearing. It’s powerful, and nothing is stopping you from utilizing the same technique to increase conversion.

2. Visual Media Isn’t the Future: It’s the Present

Video isn’t an up-and-coming feature of digital sales. It’s been here already, and if you aren’t already making the most of it, then you need to start now.

Video and creative imagery are great ways to pull your audience in, while also informing them of exactly what it is your product/service does. Walls of text are nobody’s friend, and this will actually scare customers away as opposed to converting them. 

3. Pay Attention to Your Bounce

Paying attention to your bounce is an integral part of achieving high conversion. When we say bounce, we mean your site’s bounce rate.

Your bounce rate is how long your site visitors hang around before ‘bouncing’ off to a different site, and which page they were on when they decided to leave. Knowing why people decided to go instead of hanging around to make a purchase provides you with a framework to design the rest of your site.

4. Use Analytics to Monitor Your Success

It isn’t just your bounce you need to pay attention to, either. Account for the success rates of every page on your website:

  • Which pages are getting the most views? 
  • Where are these views coming from? 
  • Where are people going to on the site, and what’s encouraging them to go there?

All of this information is invaluable to any business owner. You need to know what’s working and how you can capitalize on it. Likewise, you need to know what isn’t working, so you aren’t repeatedly making the same mistakes. Even the best sales funnels don’t work on every audience. You need to know who you’re selling to.

5. Make it Personal, Seal the Deal

Which brings us to our final point: know your audience. This is potentially the essential aspect of any business, and achieving high conversion rates is no different.

All audiences respond to different conversion techniques differently. The attractive, hyper-modern website design of one business won’t appeal to an older audience as much as an upfront and informative competitor will. Always know Who you are selling to.

Once you have your audience’s attention, keep it by encouraging them to sign up for your mailing list. This way, even if they don’t make a purchase there and then, a future email might convince them.

Kurt Philip is the founder and CEO of Convertica, a done-for-you conversion rate optimization agency. You can get the Convertica team to audit your site for FREE. Visit for details.

CRO Stock photo by Panchenko Vladimir/Shutterstock