Discover the colors your customers will be clamoring for in 2018.

By Rieva Lesonsky

New York Fashion Week for Spring 2018 was held in New York City last week. A big deal for clothing retailers, the event previews the clothes and accessories that will be “in demand” next spring. In conjunction with NYFW, the Pantone Color Institute released its Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report. This year Pantone included 12 top colors (instead of the usual 10) and four “classic” colors.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this only matters to fashion retailers. “Hot” colors often make their debuts on fashion runways and end up affecting many more industries, such as home goods, product packaging, advertising, interior décor and cosmetics. Pantone says consumers will continue to embrace color next year, partly as a “desire for colorful self-expression” and partly as a way to lift their spirits by choosing “uplifting shades and feel-good tones.”

Pantone also suggests we’re exploring and experimenting with color—designers and consumers alike “no longer want to feel limited by traditional color guidelines.” That means more traditional “rules” that confine certain colors to a particular season or gender no longer apply.

The palette for next spring, says Pantone, “encourages a sense of fun and [playfulness].”

So, what should you look for? “Think yellow,” reports fashion media stalwart WWD. Indeed, many of the spring colors are bright and bold, including “Meadowlark,” a “bold and lively…confident shade…illuminating the world around us.” Other strong colors include: “Cherry Tomato,” “Spring Crocus” and “Lime Punch.”

The four classic shades are more neutral in scope: navy blue, white, gray and beige (dubbed “Warm Sand”).

Pantone’s Color-of-the-Year for 2018 will be released later this year.