By Rahul Kaul

Modern day business is moving at a speed of thought. Visualization, planning, execution, testing, and implementation are matters of moment. In such a fast-paced business environment “mobility” is a top priority in their winning strategy. Information sharing, team meetings, getting approvals are happening at lightning fast speed. Capitalizing an idea in to digital success is achieved only for those businesses, which are able to reap the benefit of $220bn+ mobile and mobile app development market. However, when you are searching for the best mobile web application development company among so many players, there are a few aspects to be considered. To help you making this crucial choice, following fundamental factors must be taken into account.

Shortlist & Review Portfolio

Most of the successful and reputed mobile app development companies have a solid portfolio of their own. After making a thoughtful selection from a list of prospects, ask the mobile phone app developers to send their portfolio. From this portfolio, you can find which developers are good to work with. Most of them will instantly give you the portfolio. Now it is you turn to verify them. Check the app at the various download/hosted sites, such as the Google Play, App Store, or BlackBerry App World. Ascertain that the app developer has the necessary as well as surplus infrastructure, such as different testing device and testing tools. Never miss to ask for reference, such as names of clients who have already hired service from the developer.

Go with a Full Service Developer

Hiring a full service company gives you the benefit of multiple of service offering. Some mobile phone app developers focus only designing or coding, while there are a lot more things involved in mobile app development. Look out for a service provider, who is efficient in conceptualizing, designing, coding, testing, revision, launching, and if possible, marketing the app as well. This way, you can get an end-to-end solution. Only a full service company can deliver a full service product.

Find for Like-minded People

For to developer to deliver the best product, it is important that he possesses a similar interest as that of your business. This creates a sense of belongingness in the developer and he is involved in the project thoroughly. If he has both the interest as well as experience in developing similar app, it will be added advantage for you. The mobile phone app developers can bring in some new innovation and freshness in the app in addition to just guiding you through the development process, providing creative input and feedback.

Design Determines Success or Failure

While features and functionalities remain almost the same, except for taking different names or denominations, it is the design of your App, which determines its success or failure. By design, we mean the look & feel, usability (ease of use), scope of upgrading, judicious use of colors, seamless navigation through different options, and a spacious appeal. The users would love it; if they find the App to be interacting with them, the way they love anticipate it. Never expect your App to be “All-in-one”. In order to create an all-in-one App, which is cross-platform compatible, you will ultimately end up creating mess.

Money: Give it the Last Thought

You investment with the mobile web application development company is not recurring, but the working of your App is for all time. With a view to cut the initial cost of production, do not end up signing with a cheap and incompetent service provider. Money should be your least bothered affair in this case. The first priority should be the quality assurance and achieving it. You may save a few bucks paying a discounted price, but you may have to pay repetitively or in the worst case, you might have to go back to searching alternate mobile phone app developers.

It is better to take care of the above points before finalizing the mobile app developer to avoid unnecessary worries and hustles. Once chosen carefully, you mobile app developer will come out a long-term business partner.


Rahul Kaul is a new-age techno-expert, mobile application developer, and an occasional author. He is works for a Mobile Application Development Company in New Jersey and has been part of leading healthcare App Development Company. Rahul develops unique mobility apps targeted to enterprises and business needs as his core expertise, but also regularly shares his experiences and ideas with others through various blogging and social media platforms. You can reach him at