The New Guerrilla Marketing Strategy: Heal the World and Shore Up Your Profits

300_wide_graphicShel Horowitz and GoingBeyondSustainability.com

Do you care deeply about making the world a better place, whether the goal is ending poverty, preventing war, or saving the climate and environment?

Increasingly those who answer ‘yes’ are choosing to launch civic-minded, for-profit businesses as their community activism vehicle of choice.

Shel Horowitz, author, speaker and founder of GoingBeyondSustainability.com, is one of the country’s most-respected and influential evangelists for earning money – more money actually – by doing the right thing.

As Shel explains to Small Biz Daily Podcast host Dean Rotbart, ambitious, talented, dedicated people no longer need to choose between serving humanity and building their net worth. In fact, Shel says, it’s easier than ever to do good and do well.