By Jonathon Furman

Keeping customers satisfied is important for any business because that’s how you keep those customers coming back! However, there is no one-stop solution for this. There are several methods that you may want to implement in order to make sure you aren’t a customer’s one-time choice.

One way is to engage with customers even after they’ve made the purchase. Yes, it’s great to make a sale, but, don’t let the excitement get to you. You need to make sure there is a future to your business and the best way to make sure there is a future is by making sure the customer comes in again for another purchase.

Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Package branding

It can be tempting to limit yourself strictly to digital branding. While there is much merit to digital, we still live in a physical world and your brand still needs to be represented via tangible items (especially if you are a B2C company). One effective item, in this case, is packaging.

Packaging plays a key role in customer retention. Many surveys and market research has demonstrated that clients typically respond very well to, and appreciate creative packaging.

So, don’t just put your products in a carton with a shipping label. Go further and create an experience. For instance, you can create packaging that can double as a shopping bag for future. Some brands already do this. Not only will customers find this useful, but, every time they carry the bag around, they’ll be advertising for you.

Have a brainstorming session to identify innovative solutions to make your packaging more useful and effective.

Add more to your transactional emails

Transactional emails tend to be widely viewed, as customers like to remain on top of their purchases.

What some companies can do to capitalize on this is offer more details. For instance, you can engage in some cross-selling via these emails or offer discounts for future purchases. This can lead to more sales opportunities in the future. You could even attach user instructions for how to open the package. This can be very helpful in scenarios where the packaging might be a bit complicated for your consumers.

The point is, there is a lot you can do in this department. All it needs is a little thinking.

Offer support

Now, let’s face it, your deliveries will have problems. Maybe the product was broken or it arrived late, but, what you’ll ideally want to is focus on how you’re going to fix the issue. You’ll want to implement policies that simplify the customer support process.

For instance, having a support ticketing system can definitely make things easier for the customer. You can integrate the customer’s profile with the support system. This will allow your support team to figure who it is they’re dealing with and provide relevant solutions, which will boost the experience for the customer.

Making a mistake is fine, but, not fixing it is a huge problem.

Jonathan Furman got his start through an Advertising agency. He began in the production department and Jonathan has founded his own management consulting firm A.K.A. Furman Transformation, igniting his full passion in transforming all aspects of a company’s Sales, Marketing, and Operational Growth strategies, into the most powerful and polished version of themselves.