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As a blogger, it is important to always create new and engaging content. However, it is also important to know how to create content that readers will actually read, and possibly share. In an ideal world, great writing will instantly become viral, but in reality, you may have written something great but because you didn’t present it in the right manner, not many people will read it, and barely any will share it. So what makes content stand out? Here are some wonderful apps that can change the quality of your work while also improving the look of your blog.

Advanced marketing Institute

This is a tool that every smart blogger must make use of. For a headline to have greater on impact on readers, it should have a high emotional marketing value (EMV). The EMV tool allows you to paste your headline into the tool and it will be analyzed to determine it’s impact on readers. The tool compares the number of EMV words contained in the headline in relation to the total words in the headline. It will then tell you which emotions will be impacted the most by your headline. The three main categories of emotions that a headline will fall under are:

  • Intellectual: These words are effective when offering services or products which require plenty of evaluation.
  • Empathetic: These words have the capacity to bring great joy and other positive reactions in the reader.
  • Spiritual: These words can be very influential as they can affect people on an emotionally deeper level.

The higher your post title scores in the Emotional Value Tool, the better it can perform across social media networks.

Google Analytics

When you are running a blog, one of the most important parts is being able to track the statistics pertaining to traffic. Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use to see how your website is performing and how it is connecting with people around the world. This tool will be especially useful if your aim is to make money through your blog as you can use the statistics to tailor the adverts that are placed on your blog. You can also see which adverts are performing better than others.

Google Analytics lets you see key statistics such as how people find your site and which pages they visit. These statistics will help you improve your website in order to attract more readers while creating a better user experience. The statistics will also show you how visitors arrived at your website, whether it was through an advert, email marketing or search engine. Using the mobile analytics feature you will also see how many visits you get from web-enabled mobile devices. Given the rise in smartphones today, this feature is immensely useful.


This brilliant tool lets visitors to your site know when you have new content. It is common for users to not be aware of new content or features that have been added to your website and WhatsNew lets them see blog updates when they visit your site. It’s a great tool that will ensure your readers keep returning for more fresh content. All you have to do is give your blog’s RSS feed to WhatsNew and they will know when you have a new blog post.

Once a repeat reader returns to your blog, they will be shown all the latest content which they may have otherwise missed. The tool will also provide you with useful statistics that show you the number of page views, clicks on posts and more. The tool runs in the background and will not slow down your blog in any way. It is a great way to grow your readers by making sure they are well-informed everytime they return to your blog.

Thrive Themes

This is the most customizable landing page builder you can use with WordPress. The tool is aimed at building a better experience for your users which will ultimately lead to more sales. If your website does not look professional and polished, it’s unlikely your customers will want to buy what you are selling. Choose from hundreds of customizable landing pages where every landing page is optimized to be functional on mobile devices as well.

To edit anything on your landing pages, this tool provides a simple drag-and-drop system which means you don’t have to worry about being an HTML expert. You will be able to pick a set of templates that look and function well together in order to give your website a polished look. You can also choose from a wide array of tools to add to your landing pages such as a table of contents, Google maps, testimonials, styled lists and more.

These four apps are just a few of the tools that can greatly improve your blog, you can find many more such apps on Best Blogging Apps. There are always new ways to improve your blog and it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for new apps and tools which you can incorporate into your work to reach more repeat readers, make your content more shareable and create a more appealing website.