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By Bryan Lazaris

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to reach out targeted customers and get their message to those who matter the most. Five years back, Facebook offered the businesses and developers a simpler way to promote installs on their applications via Facebook app install ads. With this feature, Facebook’s mobile app advertising tools gave businesses the chance to connect with people who are likely to perform the action by installing the app.

The next question that arises is the cost of Facebook advertising. Well, this cannot be defined as there are various factors involved. Right from the targeted audience to the bidding plan and ranking, everything affects the cost per click (CPC) of Facebook install ads.

Investing in Facebook app install ads could be a wiser decision for businesses, however, there are a few aspects that should be analyzed in order to reduce Facebook ads cost for app installs. Follow them strictly to get better revenues for your business at a lesser cost.

Define your objectives

With a clear objective in your mind, you will be able to measure the progress of your ads consistently. Therefore, before any kind of investment, you should be clear on what you are looking to achieve. For doing the same, you need to hire Facebook app developer who will offer you better ideas to market your app.

Avoid broad category targeting

The number of people being targeted definitely affect Facebook advertising cost. This happens due to a stiff competition. When more marketers are targeting the specific audience, it becomes expensive to reach them. So, custom audience targeting counts to be a better way.

With Facebook’s data of user’s demographic, age, city and location, you can select a specified group of audience whom you potentially want to see your ad. This means one should always go for category targeting rather than broader targeting to spend lesser.

Style of bidding 

Before investing in Facebook app install ads, you need to understand bidding management. CPM or Cost Per Mile bidding is the most unpredictable method and one should stay away from it. This method delivers a lot of impressions, however, it also allows maximum investment.

Second one is CPC or Cost Per Click bidding wherein you will be paying only for the user who clicks on your ad. This style of bidding makes sense when you want to direct users to your site with only a few clicks.

On the other hand, CPI or Cost Per Install is an excellent choice to go for, if you are looking for lesser Facebook app install ads. It is one of the affordable ways to get started, however, after getting advanced you can start experimenting with CPM and CPC.

Wrapping it Up

Facebook advertising is extremely competitive. It requires a lot of time testing and practicing to figure out the ways to covert consumers. Always try not to invest much in the initial stages and start with small values to acquire profitable campaigns. In order to rise above the increase in competition and costs, marketers need to adapt an approach that optimizes Facebook ad investments beyond click and align campaigns with ultimate business objectives.

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