Reading 4.25.14

Reading List 4.25.14

Best Practices

  • Is true grit the most important factor for success?
  • Can your customers call you?
  • How to get the next big idea.
  • 9 things to do NOW to make your 2015 tax time easier.
  • 5 things to do BEFORE summer starts.


  • Systems are the key to small business success.

Marketing Smart

  • How online video can boost your business.
  • 12 ways to generate content for your blog.
  • How to handle negative social media buzz.
  • Using keywords in your online ads.

Money Matters

  • Pitching to business investors.


  • 5 ways to go on an email fast.

Sell More

  • Where to find customers and increase sales.
  • Which social media platform will drive the most sales for your business?