Reading List 1.23.15

Best Practices

  • 3 books to read: Why “crazy” is good, communicating better & creating a good workplace
  • Understanding the basics of IP
  • The surprising reason your small business might be stuck


  • “Invest in yourself” & other words of wisdom from a successful entrepreneur.

Marketing Smart

  • Have you added Pinterest to your social media mix? You should
  • Big Data: 3 ways to use customer data
  • Create a marketing campaign with a 4300% ROI. (That is NOT a typo)

 Money Matters

  • Tax liens can hurt your chances of getting a loan.

People Power

  • Job candidates are going mobile. Are you?

Sell More

  • Are you ignoring your loyal customers?
  • Boost your sales with digital coupons

Start Smart

  • Before you start a home-based e-commerce business, read this.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • Is it time to give yourself a raise?