Reading List 1.24.14

Sell More

  • Build customer loyalty-the DIY way.


Smart Marketing

  • Secrets of marketing to Millennial parents.
  • The importance of online reviews.
  • 3 online marketing moves to make NOW!
  • 10 easy ways to create content-even when you’re strapped for time.
  • Email marketing is still the best way to reach your customers.
  • To reach women consumers, you need to use mobile marketing.


Get Inspired

  •  Can you cope with being uncomfortable? CC Chapman says that’s one of the secrets to his success.
  • Entrepreneurs are happy, EXCEPT in the U.S.


Best Practices

  • 4 best practices for successful networking.
  • Now for some counter-intuitive advice: STOP networking.
  • Project management tools to help you to get it together.
  • Bartering can save you lots of money.


Entrepreneurial Women

  • People are actually judging your cellphone


Staff Smarts

  • There’s a positive side to employee turnover.
  • Are your employees fighting? How to bring the calm.