Reading List 1.9.15

Happy New Year!

  • 5 New Year’s resolutions for small business owners
  • What are you planning for 2015?
  • 3 marketing musts to do in January
  • 7 retail tips for a profitable 2015
  • 5 customer service resolutions for 2015
  • 4 smart marketing resolutions
  • 2015 consumer trends

Best Practices

  • You need an energy management strategy.
  • How can small businesses be more innovative?
  • Books you should read.
  • Do entrepreneurs need college degrees?
  • Why it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website.


  • Going broad worked for this entrepreneur.

Marketing Smart

  • Do you market to moms? Here are 6 things you need to know
  • How to connect with your customers online
  • Best marketing tactics for your B-2-B business
  • 3 keys to writing a great press release

Money Matters

  • Are pre-payment penalties always bad?
  • 6 places minority entrepreneurs can find money.


  • 5 ways to help your employees be more productive

Sell More

  • Changing consumer attitudes affect how they spend
  • 4 ways to get the most out of your retail sales staff
  • B2B purchasing is moving online

Start Smart

  • Startup checklist
  • 4 business trends to help your startup in 2015 


  • Drive-thru restaurants are not just for burgers

Women Entrepreneurs

  • How will women business owners invest in 2015?
  • 3 great resources for women entrepreneurs