Reading List 10.10.14

Reading List 10.10.14

Best Practices

  • Your office style influences how your business is perceived.
  • The evolution of commerce and what it means for small business.
  • 5 reasons why your small business needs its own email domain.
  • Do you have a 5-year plan? Yes, you do need one.
  • Going mobile with Millennials.
  • Sourcing for last-minute Halloween products.


  • Her daughter’s food meltdown (in a restaurant!) led this corporate lawyer to startup success.

Marketing Smart

  • 33 creative ideas for your holiday marketing.
  • Get your website ready for the holidays.
  • Do you celebrate Ground Hogs’ Day? Perhaps you should. Marketing for all the holidays
  • Marketing with selfies is a snap (get it?)
  • The best ways for B2B marketers to generate leads.
  • Online marketing gets best results for restaurants.
  • Capitalizing on the history of your store to win customers.
  • Effective holiday marketing.

Money Matters

  • Are money worries keeping you up at night?
  • Why you should apply for a loan BEFORE you actually need one.

Sell More

  • 6 steps to measuring your customer service effectiveness

Women Entrepreneurs

  • How does your business measure up?